At first glance, Traigh Pathon is just another little boy and nothing like the international golfing champ Tiger woods until the eight-year-old grabs a golf club and swings it.

Next Golfing Star

How Capetown's Own Tiger Woods Is Carving A Name For Himself. -RumourJuice

Traigh Swinging.-

Traigh began playing at a very tender age and hit his first ball while still a toddler. He went on to play his first South African tournament at the age of 4 and his first international tournament., the junior Africa Challenge at 7 years where he finished third place.

He placed eighth at the Kids Golf World Championship in Malasia last December and has from then on been proclaimed as one to keep an eye on by the international golfing circles.

There is no doubt that the little boy is on the fast lane to becoming South Africa’s next young golfing star. He already has the coming two years planned which includes Australian, European and US Kids golfing tournaments.

The Source Of His Talent

How Capetown's Own Tiger Woods Is Carving A Name For Himself. -RumourJuice

Traigh and Dad.- Twitter

Of course, Traigh Picked his talent from his family. Both his grandparents play golf daily at Rondebosch Golf Course and looked after Traigh. Tiara Pathon his mother has also been very encouraging to him right when he was a baby. With words like, “ Who is the best golfer in the world?”, “you are the best golfer in the world” all spoken by his mother in encouragement it definitely worked and Traigh indeed is one of the best junior golfers in the world.

Sports On Both Sides Of The Family

Both sides of Traigh’s family are active in sports. David Van Schalkwyk his father was a professional soccer player but is currently a caddie to his son. His uncle Jerome pathon used to be an American footballer and his older sisters Ammaarah who is currently a ballet dancer and Tara is also currently playing soccer.

Surprised Family

Despite the family being sports-oriented, they were still surprised at what the child had accomplished. His proud parents said, “I don’t think any of us realized actually how talented he is until he played the Junior Africa Challenge in San Lameer [Durban] last year August. He has overachieved since then and keeps surprising us. He doesn’t win every tournament but that’s not a bad thing as it teaches him good sportsmanship and how to work hard for what you want”

The Daily Life Of Traigh

How Capetown's Own Tiger Woods Is Carving A Name For Himself. -RumourJuice

Traigh Pathon with mother.-

Traigh trains twice a week and plays in local tournaments three times in a month. However, despite all the fame from golf and great achievements, the boy leads a normal life. He goes to school like any other kid and his favorite subject is maths.

He plays like other kids, hide and seek, marbles and of course golf in his Play station.

The entire family offers their full support even though it sometimes gets tricky when it comes to keeping up with the financial side. Golf is an expensive sport and the parents try their best to keep up with what they can. From the time he began playing, his parents admit to buying him second-hand clubs. However, last Christmas they finally managed to buy him his first new set of clubs after saving for some time.

The Sponsorships

Turkish Airlines noticed the boy and sponsored his trip to the U.S. Kids Golf European Championship in Scotland that takes place from 29-31 May. Traigh once again enthralled and impressed with a 9th place and an overall of 1 under par for the 3-day tournament. The score was just 6 shots from 1st place.

Advice From Traigh’s Parents

How Capetown's Own Tiger Woods Is Carving A Name For Himself. -RumourJuice

Traigh and His Dad.-

Traigh Pathon parents had this to say when asked about advice to parents with talented kids, "Nurture their talent and support them to be the best they can be. If it’s forced they will lose interest, so keep it fun and make sure they are enjoying it. Emotionally it can take a toll, so positivity is key. We're lucky with golf that today’s great golfers don’t always win every competition, and we watch all the golf tournaments to show Traigh how important every shot is and how it can make a difference."

That is definitely working because there is no doubt that their son is headed for more greatness and is, in fact, another budding Tiger Woods or even better!