Many have described parenthood as the best thing that has ever happened to them. However, in the background, every parent, go through a whole lot to bring the best out of their kids.

Celebrity parents are not exempted from this just because they have a lot of money. They face the same situations as everyone else and would often make known what they are passing through for their children's sake. The following tweets are just that.

Toilet Troubles

Parents go through a lot in bringing up their kids. One of such troubles they face is training their children to use the potty, and parents themselves lose the prior privacy they enjoyed in the toilet themselves.


Children cause a whole lot of mess. What's annoying is that it is their parents who have to painstakingly clean up everything after them.

Parents can't help their children doing the total opposite of what they expect. For the kids, it's all about enjoyment.

Tough Demands

Parenting is hard work. And the stress begins from pregnancy insomnia. Parents sacrifice a lot and could go smelly, without a healthy diet and without adequate sleep for their babies.

Annoying Events

Often, parenting duties can be frustrating, such as when you have to deal with fighting toddlers or any other such annoying stuff.

Funny Actions

Away from the frustration and tough demands, children are little cute funny humans too. One cannot but laugh at some of their actions, which are often innocent, every now and then.

Mixed Feelings

Yeah, parents do have mixed feelings. Sometimes, they feel like they aren't doing enough; other times just being a parent makes them feel on top of the world. They deserve commendation.

Proud Parent

A parent's proudest moments are when the child does something special such as making music. No matter how crappy their first effort may be, they are there, beaming with smiles and encouraging their babies.

Just Weird?

Sometimes there's not just any other word to describe the actions of the kids than 'weird'. They are so capable of pulling off innocent odd stunts.

No matter their actions, kids make adults around them melt with love especially when they do some cool unexpected stuff. They're just cute like that.

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