RJ media proudly presents a brand-new Facebook-first solution for your consideration, entertainment and enjoynment.

Learn Kim Kardashian’s secrets, talk to Thanos about the universe or engage in a heated discussion with Mr President. How come? Well, it's all possible in the Chat Fiction instant game.

This product does not require any installation at all and has no access to personal or other sensitive data. So, just open it, it takes a second to load, and dive into heated discussions. Unlock new personalities one-by-one, unless you reach the top of the mountain and secure yourself a place as the true debater.

Share the results with friends and loved ones. See if they can match or beat your achievements.

How to play

So, your quest begins.

Each card contains a mini-chat of a user with a super popular real or fictional personality in the form of Facebook messenger.

Chat fiction

Chat fiction: Can you persuade Thanos?

Answer tricky questions and get these characters to like you!

Chat fiction

Chat fiction: Learn Kim Kardashian’s secret

Earn points and unlock new amazing stars.

Chat fiction

Chat fiction: Light up your day with marvelous British humour by Ed

Check out how well you are faring against peers in the leaderboard.

Chat fiction

Chat fiction - And the 'silver tongue' prize goes to...

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Chat fiction Facebook game - Become top debater

Hope your conversation with CR7 won't become messi.

It takes just a second, and it is surely more fun to play with pals :)