Some thought it was saggy, while others thought it was more of a bloated stomach. To a majority, the first seasons were better than those released recently. Any idea what we are talking about? I bet not. Walking Dead season 10 is not only back, but it's bigger and better. With Angela Kang as the brand new showrunner, you are bound to experience quite some significant changes. Faster narrations, character consistency, and more surprises are some of the things to expect.

Walking Dead Season 10


When Walking Dead was first released on the 31st of October 2010, it became popular and was one of the most-viewed series. The large fan base led to the release of the subsequent seasons. The news of Walking Dead Season 10 being released, therefore, was not a surprise to a majority of the fans. They were eagerly waiting for the plot to continue unfolding.

This new release is nothing short of a daring and cinematic re-introduction of the entire show. The producer takes you to a bloody coastal war-zone as well as the outer space. There is a seamless combination of choreographic action and practical and visual effects. Is there more to the long-awaited series? Stick around and let’s find out.

Walking Dead 2019 premiere date

The tenth season of this show premiered on the 6th of October 2019. The main plot line for the show was the crashing of a Soviet-era satellite to Earth. Although the viewership has dwindled over the years, the producers and writers of the show are still optimistic. There is a likelihood that a spin-off to this series will be released in the coming year.

Walking Dead season 10 trailer

Are you wondering what the 10th season has in store for you? The show’s producers were kind enough to offer the fans a trailer that on the 8th of September 2019. Earlier on, in February this year, show-runner Angela Kang has released a teaser of the trailer on Twitter.

A notable element of the official trailer is that it is not a showcase of a single episode. Instead, it is a four-minute and nine-second clip displaying several characters, scenes, potential storylines, and hints. All these have been done with the aim of sweeping the fans off their feet just before the rubber hits the road.

Walking Dead season 10 main themes

Over the past episodes, one of the themes that have been strongly standing out is fear. Ironically, it is not fear of the dead but rather of the living. Just like the other seasons, the central theme of this new release is still the looming threat from the animalistic villains. The most probable side effect of this threat is continued interpersonal conflicts among the individual members, the society, or even all-out war.

Walking Dead new character development

Apart from the evident themes, season 10 also portrays several significant developments among various characters. For instance, Lydia, Alphas’ liberated daughter, is showcased as a clear-headed and thoughtful individual. The trailer’s sequence of events also showcases a moment shared by Michonne and King Ezekiel.

Which cast members should you expect back in the show?

Even without putting too many thoughts into it, we can almost confirm that Norman Reedus is one of the cast members who are coming back to the series. Norman has been present in all the episodes since the release, and we can only anticipate his return to the show as Daryl.

Melissa McBride (Carol), who is a co-star in the show, is ready to come back on our screens. Carol made a pact with the AMC estimated to be around $20 million for three years. This shows that she is already in as part of the cast members.

In chapter 9, Samantha Morton, who is the Golden Globe-winning star, came in as a member of the whisperers. The chapter 10 teaser confirms that the threatening villain known as Whisperers is part of season 10. This means that we should expect to see Samantha Morton together with Ryan Hurst.

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Who are the new members joining the Walking Dead season 10 family?

Walking Dead latest news shows that they are new cast members who will be introduced into this new release. The first recruit to join the team is Thora Birch playing as Gamma, who is a new whisperer. Gamma is Alpha’s lieutenant, who is loyal and fierce.

Although we have known him from ‘The Leftovers, ’ Kevin Caroll is coming on board as Virgil. In season 10, Walking Dead new episodes bring in Virgil as an intelligent survivor.

walking dead new episodes


Is Andrew Lincoln in season 10?

Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) made his last appearance on the show in November 2018 in the 5th episode of season 9. In episode 5, Rick was under attack by a herd zombie but was luckily rescued by Anne and airlifted to safety.

However, after chapter 9, Andrew confessed to having more family commitments, especially with his fast-growing children. As a result, he wouldn’t be coming back to our screens for the Walking Dead 10th season. Nonetheless, he claims to have invested in the show and the continuation of its story hence the reason he is coming back as director.

Behind the scenes footage

Some behind-the-scenes footage was released on the 6th of September 2019. From the footage, fans gets subtle hints about the plot of the show. Some behind-the-scenes images were also posted on the unverified twd_behindthescenes Instagram account.


The filming kicked off on the 6th May 2019. In the new season, Lincoln took over as the new director.

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How many seasons will the show have?

Before the departure of Gimple, the previous showrunner, he had made a clear statement in 2017 stating that his vision was for the series to span more than two decades. During a fan panel that was held in PaleyFest, Los Angeles, he said that he aimed at doing the show for precisely 20 years.

Reduced viewership

Over the last few seasons, the viewership of The Walking Dead series has continually diminished as compared to the initial episodes. During the premiere of season 9, the total number of individuals who tuned in was 6.08 million. Even though this number seems high, it was a 47% decrease from the previous season, which had a whopping 11.4 million individuals tuned in.

Walking Dead remains to be one of the top-rated TV series on the US cable. Otherwise, the AMC couldn’t have found a reason good enough to commission the continuation of the show. Well, now that we are lucky to have Walking Dead season 10, I hope the information above will be enough to trigger you to check out this all-time favorite TV series.

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