Belle Delphine has been out of the limelight for some time recently. This fact has brought to life many speculations and conspiracy theories. The fans of the ‘gamer girl’ became really anxious and outraged by her absence when, all of a sudden, she popped up, saying that she had been arrested! Is it true or another prank of hers?

Belle Delphine arrested

Image:, @bunnydelphine

Belle Delphine, a cosplayer and YouTuber from the United Kingdom, returned to social media after a long break on October 7. Until then, the young celeb had gone deep radio silent for about two months. It was a dramatic comeback – somehow, just like practically everything she does.

Was Belle Delphine arrested in reality?

Since the girl had been absent from social media for quite a long time, the news about her arrest can serve a good explanation of this absence. Still, it is not clear at all how this could have happened and why. The young celeb herself provided very few details of the run-in with British law. What we have is quite a blurry picture of the girl with her makeup all smeared around her eyes and a caption, ‘I got arrested lol.’ This picture is allegedly a mugshot taken by Metropolitan Police in London.

In fact, it is hard to guess whether the incident was real or not without much further elaboration from Belle herself. The story sounds quite hard to believe since the previous explanation of her absence that Belle provided a couple of months ago was connected to her health condition.

The post of August 5 tells that she got food poisoning while vacating in Greece. The condition was so severe that she needed hospitalization and even returned home earlier than planned. This tweet did explain to her followers and fans why the girl was not posting much at that time.

In addition to this, her Instagram account has been taken down recently for posting ‘nudity or pornography’ content. Her followers and fans were expecting her to recover after the disease and start feeding them with new spicy delicacies. Instead, she made a dramatic but suspicious return.

The Belle Delphine arrested news could be fake

Belle Delphine arrested

Image:, @bunnydelphine

The celeb herself did not elaborate a lot on the details of her alleged arrest. Seeking the truth, news outlets had to contact Metro Police and get either an approval or a denial of the statement. Metro Police never responded to any of these addresses. What is more, there is no mugshot of Belle Delphine in their public database.

Internet users also lent a hand and pointed out that mugshots taken by police officers always have a much better resolution than the blurry shot Belle posted. Besides that, other mugshots taken on the same day had a different background. Finally, the alleged mugshot that Delphine offered wore a watermark at the bottom. Real police mugshots never have any watermarks on them.

The influencer created another tweet a tad later and explained the reasons for her alleged arrest. The matter was, she claimed, about her pet hamster. A random girl who allegedly visited Delphine’s party stole the pet animal, and the pet owner needed to get it back. As the YouTuber wrote, she spray-painted the offender’s car and was arrested for this.

There is an opinion in Twittersphere that the prankster just performed one of her usual absurd jokes. There is no official confirmation of her arrest from Metro Police; thus, it is possible to suppose that the girl took a selfie and pretended it was a mugshot.

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The point is that during her absence from social media, her followers discussed many absurd theories of her disappearance. Getting arrested was among them. If this young celebrity followed all those speculations, she may have caught on the idea of the arrest from the ongoing chit chats and speculations. Trolling her followers and making a dramatic return after a pause – that is her typical behaviour.

Delphine's fans and followers already know her for the numerous strange prank ideas. She regularly starts controversial debates with her actions. These include selling her used bathwater for ‘sentimental’ purposes, starting a fake Pornhub channel, and so on. This is why all the rumours of Belle Delphine arrested can easily turn out to be another prank by the ‘gamer girl.’

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