American white supremacist Richard Spencer has very radical views that discriminate against multiple ethnic groups. Recently, his private audiotape was leaked, and the public reacted very strongly to the speech that was on the record. What did Spencer say that caused such an outrage?

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White supremacy is a belief that white people are superior to all the other ethnic groups. Its message is very close to neo-Nazism. Richard Spencer is one of the most famous representatives of this ideology in the United States. While a lot of people are aware of his controversial views, lately he found himself in even more trouble when his private tape was leaked.

Who is Richard Spencer?

Richard Spencer is a president of the National Policy Institute, which is a research facility for white supremacists. He rejects this label and prefers to be called a white nationalist and a representative of the alt-right movement. He is also an advocate for the "white racial empire" and the "peaceful ethnic cleansing" of other races from America. Because of his views, he was banned from multiple European countries, who condemn his messages.

Why is Richard Spencer being labelled a racist?

Due to Richard Spencer racist neo-Nazi views, he is known to be hateful towards people of non-white races. Because his ideology itself suggests that white people are supreme to non-white groups, people label him a racist, even though he promotes his campaign as a civil rights movement.

Recently this definition of his movement was discovered to be a lie, as his discriminative attitude towards other racial and ethnic groups got confirmed in the recent recording. In the leak, he expresses a lot of hate towards mixed-race and Jewish people, voicing the idea that white people are bigger than them.

Richard Spencer leaked audio tape: All the details

Richard Spencer

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The explicit audio recording was posted online by Milo Yiannopoulos, the former Breitbart writer, in the middle of far-right conflicts over the strategy they are planning to take to promote their views. It was supposedly recorded not long after the "Unite the Right" rally, that took place in 2017 in Charlottesville, and the murder of Heather Heyer, who protested against Nazism.

On the tape, one can hear Spencer angrily ranting about people of other races. He says that they "get ruled" by people like him, and look up to see his face looking down at them, among many other strongly offensive things.

He also uses a lot of swearing words and outdated slurs such as "kikes" and "octaroons" to describe Jewish people and mixed-race citizens. In addition, he makes extremely racist remarks about his ancestors enslaving those people and expresses his anger at them for protesting against his rally.

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How did people react to Richard Spencer's racist remarks?

The reaction to Richard Spencer's hateful comments was naturally negative, though some people stated that him being racist is not breaking news.

Many users voiced their opinions about white supremacy being an incredibly harmful ideology that should not be allowed to be promoted on television and mass media under the disguise of "free speech", expressing their frustration about CNN inviting Richard Spencer on air to talk about his political views.

Others posted about Twitter's hypocritical policy of removing users for their political opinions but still giving Richard Spencer freedom of speech.

As The Guardian states, the neo-Nazi leader responded to the controversy, saying that he had listened to the tape and is going to issue a public reply to it soon. On his Twitter, he posted a link to the video titled "Never Apologise".

Richard Spencer's neo-Nazi ideas are widely condemned by the public, and we will see whether this scandal around him will result in something bigger.

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