After numerous leaks and endless speculation, Kanye West finally released his 9th studio album titled Jesus Is King. The album was poised to generate comments among critics and fans equally. This is because Kanye had switched to uncharted territory for him as an artist. Jesus Is King is a gospel album. A good thing for Mr. West, though, was the fact that he has never been shy of controversy.

Jesus Is King Kanye West

Image:, @kanyewestt_official

On October 25th, 2019, the album dropped and instantly, the internet was swarming with reactions. What generated so much interest in Kanye’s new record was also his recent contentious stands on important matters in the community.

Jesus Is King Kanye West album sales

How did Jesus Is King album sales do? It debuted at number one on Billboard top 200 chart ranks. This was also a record for Kanye for most number-one debut albums. This a fete that only Eminem has been able to achieve.

By the end of the first week, the record had already sold 264,000 copies with the majority being on online streaming services. The number translates to over 196.9 million on-demand audio streams for the 11 tracks.

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The album was released with 11 tracks. Jesus Is King songs feature familiar names such as Kenny G, Ty Dollar Sign, Fred Hammond, and Ant Clemons. It was released through Good Music and Def Jam Records. West also features his Sunday service group on some tracks. The total track length is about 27 minutes. Most tracks are 2 minutes long.

Jesus Is King album reactions

The album initially elicited mixed reactions upon its release. However, by looking at the sales, it is safe to say its reception was positive. Although it broke several records, critics were not shy of showing their disappointment about the track length. On the other hand, artists such as Lecrae and Quavo weighed in praising the new record.

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Jesus Is King Kanye review

Considering all the factors, the album was quite good. Being his first gospel project Kanye was able to switch and still compose some good music. The timing of its release was also great with Kanye building up anticipation for the release. This helped a lot with sales. The lyricism of Kanye was still evident and as always, he did it with an expert level of cadence.

Kanye himself continues to stir controversy wherever he goes. In an interview with Zane Lowe, Kanye described himself as “Unquestionably, undoubtedly the greatest human of all time”. Kanye claims that he has taken a whole new direction with his music. It is only to be seen whether he will fully commit to doing gospel music.

Jesus Is King album

Image:, @jesusisking

Kanye continues to recreate other secular songs into gospel tracks. He has performed some popular remakes such as Ginuwine’s jam, So Anxious. Originally, the song was about sex. However, Kanye West redid it and performed it alongside his Sunday service choir group. His performances have been received differently but Kanye seems unbothered.

Need to reach young people

Kanye believes that the gospel needs to reach youths. He believes his newfound faith can inspire many other young people to listen to the word. Many gospel artists have been supportive of this new release.

While many people will support Kanye’s music, including Jesus Is King, some still find an issue with his personal choices. This transcends to more just music. These differences in opinion and his personal battles with his mental health do not stop Mr. West from producing music that is embraced by many.

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