Everyone knows Chris Evans as the heroic Captain America from the Marvel movies. However, he was just a regular kid growing up, with his own quirks and hilarious stories. After he and his brother Scott Evans shared some embarrassing situations from their young years on live TV, it became clear that they had a fun childhood.

Scott Evans

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Chris Evans is incredibly popular for his superhero roles in the Avengers Universe. His younger brother Scott Evans is also an actor.

Even though the brothers have busy schedules, they always make time for each other. Recently, they appeared as special guests on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and talked about their relationship and childhood.

Who are Scott and Chris Evans?

The brothers rose to prominence for their acting roles. Chris first gained public attention for his portrayal of Human Torch in Fantastic Four. Later, he got even more prominent for his most famous role as Steve Rogers, or Captain America. In total, he appeared in eleven movies by Marvel Universe.

His brother Scott is mostly known for his portrayal of Oliver Fish on One Life to Live. He also appeared in the series Grace and Frankie. He is openly gay, and his character on One Life to Live was in a relationship with a man, which gained him a lot of attention.

Chris and Scott are not the only children in their family - they also have two sisters, Carly and Shanna.

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Chris and Scott Evans on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

Scott and Chris Evans

Image: facebook.com, @cevansonline

The brothers were recent guests on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where they had a chance to play the game, Know Your Bro. The game involved telling the most embarrassing stories from childhood, while your sibling had to wear headphones that cancel noises.

Scott was the one who had to wear the headphones, while Jimmy Fallon asked Chris about the most humiliating memory involving his brother. The Avengers star revealed a story about Scott not being able to control his natural instincts when he was five years old.

Chris recalled how their family went on a ski trip, and Scott pooped his pants a few times. When their father gave up and agreed to take them back home, he did it once again. The whole family was begging him to hold on, but he did not make it.

When it was the younger sibling's turn, he told a similar story about how he had to go to the bathroom in the car and eventually did it in his pants, much to the audience's amusement. Jimmy Fallon also asked the younger Evans brother to tell something about Chris that their parents still did not know about.

Scott recalled a time when he had to cover for Chris because he pushed him so hard that he fell against a coffee table and cracked his head. He was eight or nine years old at the time. According to Scott, his older brother was asking him not to tell their parents, and he obeyed, saying that he fell.

When the older sibling was asked the same question, he had different memories in mind. He said that when he was a senior and his brother was a freshman, the two skipped school together. The idea to do so came from Chris. Apparently, they did a lot of "bad things" before going back to school.

They were also asked a few other questions. According to the Avengers star, if Scott was not an actor, he would enjoy police work and solving mysteries. His brother later confirmed that he was right, saying that he would be a homicide detective or a criminologist.

It is clear that the brothers Chris and Scott Evans are very friendly with each other and have no problem with revealing embarrassing secrets, judging from their appearance on Jimmy Fallon Show that brought a lot of laughs to their devoted fans.

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