Love and romance are beautiful things. Kristen Steward recently confessed that she cannot wait to get married. Did she disclose the name of her sweetheart? Oh yes, she did, and it is not very surprising. Who is she?

Kristen Steward

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There has been something special in the air recently, as many celebrities started to unveil their romantic lives. First, Keanu Reeves demonstrated his love and affection for his beau; now there comes the biggest revelation of Kristen Steward 2019. She is 'absolutely' planning to propose to her partner. Who is the lucky one?

Who is Dylan Meyer?

It is interesting to note how private Kristen has always been when it comes to her personal life. Unlike before, she is openly gushing about her current love. During a recent interview, Stewart, 29, opened her heart and announced that she was going to propose to her current partner, Dylan Meyer. She added, 'I can't effing wait'. Well, it looks like somebody has totally stolen her heart this time!

Dylan Meyer, 32, is also an actress and screenwriter, based in LA. You may find her name in credits to Rock Bottom (2019), XOXO (2016), Loose Ends (2015), and TV series Miss 2059 (2016). The latter is a science fiction narration about a young female who is engaged in a perilous galactic tournament. Her acting experience is mainly in short films.

How Kristen Stewart knew that Dylan was that One

The pair met a long time ago on a movie set. They met again after six years. The second meeting was at a random friend's party. Several days later, the two became closer and started a relationship.

The first time she said "I love you" to the love of her life was in some bar with people walking in and out all the time. The celebrity could not wait longer and spoke her mind. As we can guess, the confession was welcomed, and the two sweethearts realized that they were made for each other.

They have been dating for about three months. The first speculations about the two of them dating started after they were spotted kissing in New York.

Their relationship started about a month after Meyer's breakup with her previous partner, Stella Maxwell. Stewart was amazed that they both lived in LA, had mutual friends and never met for six years. Somehow, each of them walked her own path that never converged.

At the moment, Kristen does not want the information of her proposal plan to leak. She wants to make it a surprise for her loved one. She also adds that such things require some rational thinking, but right now, she feels pretty impulsive about this all. Should we interpret this phrase as a warning that she can propose to Dylan at any moment? Probably.

The pair has previously talked about marriage. Stewart mentioned that she has already told her love that she would love to marry her. She is not willing to reveal her exact plans and all the details. Speaking about her idea of marriage, she added that she does not care about whether the government recognizes such relationships or not.

To her, it is more important that her loved ones honour her choice of love. She is passionately in love right now, and she is completely sure she wants to tie the knot with this very person. 'It's just, like, when you know, you know,' the Charlie's Angels star says.

Previously, the star was romantically linked to singer St. Vincent, model Stella Maxwell and fashion blogger Sara Dinkin. After the filming of Twilight, she stayed in a lasting relationship with Robert Pattinson.

Once, the celebrity received a warning that her choice of same-gender partners and appearing with them in public places holding hands might affect her career. However, love does not know gender.

We do hope that the love story of Kristen Stewart and her sweetheart will come to a happy end! Fans cannot wait for the marriage proposal and wedding ceremony.

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