Ron Perlman shook Hollywood with news of his divorce. He is parting ways with the woman who spent almost 40 years by his side. What is the reason? Is there another romance that made these two split?

Ron Perlman

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The Golden Globe winner is putting an end to his marriage that has lasted for nearly 40 years. The exact reason why the spouses have come to such a conclusion is yet to be disclosed. People on social media have speculated that he has a love interest who is a co-star from the Startup TV series.

Ron Perlman and his wife call it quits

The Hellboy star has already filed for divorce from Opal Stone. His official representatives did not comment or respond to enquiries from various news outlets. Nonetheless, some information has leaked. It is known that the couple separated on May 10. This date is stated in respective court documents.

May 10 was five days before photographs of the actor kissing his co-star, Allison Dunbar, leaked into the internet and attracted the attention of social media users.

In the exclusive pictures obtained by reputable sources Perlman, 69, was spotted leaving Alexander Steakhouse, Pasadena. He was not alone, but the woman who was accompanying him was not his wife, Opal Stone.

The man’s arm was wrapped around the blonde beauty’s shoulders as they were leaving the restaurant. He then gave his date a couple of passionate kisses. The lady was identified as burlesque dancer and actress Allison Dunbar. Alison worked with the actor in TV series, Startup.

Alison was sporting a pink floral-patterned dress. In her left hand, she held a bag with, possibly, dinner leftovers. She seemingly had an engagement ring on her ring finger. The two looked relaxed and comfortable and did not care much for who might have seen them.

The next morning, the happy couple, looking very casual and relaxed, was seen together again.

Ron was walking his dog named Nigel, and Allison was accompanied by her pooches named Sassy Pants and Ernie. Eyewitnesses claim that the celebrity couple has never ever looked so close and family-like. Again, the ring was noticed on her ring finger.

What about Ron Perlman children and spouse?

Opal Stone, a jewellery designer, got married to Perlman on February 14, 1981. The couple has two children who are adults now. Their daughter Blake is 35, and their son, Brandon, is 29. It is hard to say whether the estranged couple had had troubles in their relationship before Ron’s open display of his new romance. His last photo with Opal Stone dates back to April 2018.

In the divorce documents, it is stated that the spouses are going to divide their property and debts. The actor will pay his ex spousal support should she need it.

In February 2018, Dunbar shared a picture with Ron and his daughter Blake. The two women seemed to be on perfect terms. ‘Love my new friends a lot,’ said Dunbar in the photo caption. In May, another picture of them two was tagged #sisters.

Who is Ron Perlman?

Ronald Perlman, born on April 13, 1950, is a New York native. He is a classically-trained actor who has always played memorable characters. He landed his breakthrough role in Beauty and the Beast in 1987. This role brought him the first Golden Globe award and crowds of fans. His popularity grew steadily and reached its climax after his appearance in Alien Resurrection (1997).

In addition to performing in movies and TV series, the actor has taken full advantage of his distinctive and signature voice and worked in many animated films, commercials and Fallout video game series. Worldwide fame came with his appearance in Hellboy (2004).

In his career, Ron Perlman is recognised as one of the seasoned actors. He has portrayed diverse roles ranging from a prehistoric ape-man to an ageing transgender person. The actor recently filed from divorce and has been spotted with his new flame.

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