Many years after singer Whitney Houston's death, her best female friend, Robyn Crawford, has opened up. She said that they were romantically linked. Their romance fell apart because Whitney’s career would be compromised by a same-gender relationship.

Robyn Crawford

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Robyn Crawford and Whitney had been friends for over 30 years before her demise. Seven years have passed since Whitney Houston passed away. Crawford recently broke her silence about their relationship for the first time ever.

Who is Robyn Crawford?

The two met in their teenage years in 1980 at a summer camp. The singer’s friend claims that their friendship was profound and physical from the very beginning. Nobody knew about this side of their relationship as they did not want to let anybody know about it.

Crawford, 58, still remembers how their romance came to an end. Houston was just entering the world of show business and music. Her career was budding. It was very fragile, and any silly mistake could ruin it. Whitney talked to her and made it clear that they could no longer be lovers.

Despite the end of the relationship, the two had an undeniable bond that was beyond physical intimacy.

Why did Robyn open up about the relationship after so many years of silence? Well, she wanted the world to know more about the star that they all loved and cherished. She merely gave a few details of who she was behind the scenes. Even after breaking up, the two remained close friends.

Robyn wrote about her lesbian relationship with the singer in her new memoir, A Song For You: My Life with Whitney Houston.

Whitney's friend recalls the first time the girls met at a New Jersey summer camp where they worked as counsellors. That summer, everything started, and they kissed for the first time then spent the night together.

She claimed that everything was wonderful and natural. Everything just happened. Nobody knew how long it was going to last, she added.

When Whitney started music career, her friend began to understand the impact that their relationship would have had. The two decided to end things. She brought her friend a blue-covered Bible to make the split less painful.

The singer was sure that if people found out about the relationship, they would use it against both of them. In the 1980s, same-gender romances were not acceptable. Houston’s family was also against their friendship. Whitney’s mother, a gospel singer, called it unnatural.

Robyn Crawford, Whitney Houston's best friend finally opened up about her relationship with the late singer. The two had a romantic relationship before the singer became a global sensation. She documented the relationship in her new memoir, which is worth reading.

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