Could it be true? Kylie Jenner recently announced that she was taking a break from Travis Scott, the father of her daughter. There are speculations about Drake dating the young billionaire. The two have been spending a lot of time together.


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As reported, the youngest of the Jenners has been friends with Drake for a long time. The musician is said to have been very close to the family. It seems natural that he is there to comfort his friend and help her get through hard times.

Kylie and Drake latest news

The rapper was spotted with Ms Jenner recently, several weeks after her parting with the boyfriend of two years. Some people speculated that they were simply spending time together as friends. Other eyewitnesses claim that they have been hanging out romantically since Kylie’s separation from her boyfriend, Travis.

The two of them, alongside their mutual friends, attended the rapper's birthday party. The young billionaire was dancing to the music, but did not dance with Drake. Even so, people noted a special connection between the two celebrities.

At the moment, the relationship between Drake and Ms Jenner is yet to be confirmed or otherwise. Insider sources close to the young woman claim that they are just friends. They say that Drake is spending time with his friend simply because he is currently in town and lives in his Calabasas house.

The relationship they share is entirely platonic and means no physical sparkle even though the rapper is known for his manner of flirting with all his female friends.

What of the two were dating? Well, that would be okay because love is special. So how does Travis Scott feel about these rumours? Travis Scott is said to bear no ill will against any of Kylie's friends.

It is worth noticing that even before the rumours about dating Drake, people speculated that she would reunite with her ex, rapper Tyga. However, she disputed these allegations on her Twitter, claiming that her daughter Stormi was her primary focus and that she was still in very good terms with Travis Scott.

So far, since neither Drake nor Kylie has confirmed their dating status. No one knows how long Kylie Jenner single life will go on. Fans and followers can only wait for either of the two to address the rumours. What are your thoughts on these speculations?

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