Social networks are boiling with rage at the news of rapper T.I. who is openly addressed a controversial matter. The celebrity recently confessed that he is very protective of his daughter’s virginity and has a doctor examine her once a year to confirm that her hymen is intact.

Rapper T.I.

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Such an action towards a teenage girl was characterized as creepy, narcissistic and disturbing by numerous people. Rapper T.I., however, seems to care little about public opinion.

T.I. and his daughter’s virginity

While speaking in the podcast, Ladies Like Us and discussing the matters of sex education for children and teens, the rap star claimed openly that he controlled his teen daughter’s virginity. He has ensured that she undergoes yearly examinations to confirm her virginity.

During the podcast, he was asked whether he had had talks with his child about the relationships between genders and physical intimacy. In response, the celebrity explained what his annual trips to a gynaecologist with his daughter are like.

He explained the way he explains to his daughter about why doctors ask her to sign documents. He further explained that the doctors assured her that her private information is entirely confidential.In the course of the conversation, T.I, 39, the hosts explained that the hymen can be ruined due to many everyday activities that are not connected to intercourse.

The rapper informed the hosts and the audience that his daughter Deyjah was not riding horses or bikes, not doing any sports that are suspected of breaking the hymen. He then confessed that he wanted a specialist’s confirmation of his child’s virginity.

After that, he added with a touch of pride that at the age of 18 years, Deyjah is still a virgin. He then joked that nobody would want to have sex with a virgin because it is ‘no fun’, much to teh surprise of many people.

When he disclosed this information, many of his fans and followers found his remarks distasteful. Many women and men expressed their anger over how he raises his teenage daughter. They said that what he did was not okay.

People are sorry for his poor daughter, whose private parts have been discussed in public by her own father. They voiced out that they felt shame and disgust at the very thought that an adult man can police his grown-up daughter’s virginity in such a way and boast of it in public.

It is really hard to believe that in the 21st century, there are men who think that an ‘intact’ hymen is the symbol of virginity and that it is something meaningful. It is even harder to believe that a civilized man would go to see a gynaecologist together with his daughter to make sure she is still ‘intact’ as if it is something of his business.

The outrageous story about T.I. teen daughter is not the only sexist scandal he has ever been involved in. In October, the rapper issued sexist comments on female presidents. He claimed that women tend to get too emotional, and that is a poor quality for a national leader. He added that electing the Loch Ness monster should go first before the world elects female presidents.

The musician backtracked quickly after social media went ablaze because of his comments. He said he apologized to all those women who felt offended because of his ‘unequivocally insensitive and wrong’ words.

Hopefully, the backlash that T.I. got will will make him change his mind about women, their abilities, their bodies and their privacy. He is not justified to take such actions against his beloved daughter.

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