John Crist, the self-dubbed “Christian comedian” has cancelled most of his tours for the rest of the year. This decision was informed by a wave of sexual harassment allegations labelled against him. John is accused by over five women of different forms of sexual harassment.

Who is John Crist

Image:, @JohnbCrist

The alleged victims shared their accounts of events with Charisma Magazine. Crist is accused of offering show tickets in exchange for sexual favors. He is also claimed to knowingly initiate sexual relationships with engaged or married women, among other allegations. More intensely, he is accused by all the women of calling them late at night while drunk.

Who is John Crist?

The comedian was born in Atlanta, Georgia, 35 years ago. He attended Samford University. John started doing standups ten years ago. Not only is he a comedian, but he has also authored several books. His most popular book title is Untag Me.

John’s comedy often focuses on the Christian subculture. This is something that most comedians always shy away from. Crist also had his own Tv show, I Aint Prayin For That. Some of his popular YouTube skits include Every parent at Disney and Millennial international.

John Crist admits to sinning

The comedian continues to maintain his innocence but he did confess to “sexual sins”. The comic was quoted, “I have violated my own Christian beliefs, convictions and values, and have hurt many people in the process,”. This was according to remarks he made in an interview. He admitted that he also seeks forgiveness from the Lord for hurting the name of Jesus.

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John Crist sexual harassment

The comedian has admitted that in the past he has treated relationships with women way to casually or at times recklessly. He argues that he is not guilty of all the assertions against him and barely recalls engaging in some acts.

Crist had Christian upbringing and his father was a pastor. This is why he is ready to accept his errors and seek forgiveness. The alleged victims claim that the comedian targeted some of his staunch female followers on Instagram.

John Crist cancels shows

This year John had scheduled several tours across the United States. Although tickets to some of his upcoming shows are still on sale, John has cancelled most of his performances. His current tour is titled Immature Thoughts. The cancellation also affects shows lined up for 2020. This is a big blow for the upcoming comic.

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John Crist 2019 show tickets were booked by many people. He had scored a Netflix special that was due to be aired in late November this year. Netflix has, however, decided to hold back from releasing the comedy special until the sexual misconduct claims have been properly addressed.

Crist has steadily been building a fan base for himself. His online following now stands at over 4 million across his social media platforms.

John has issued a statement saying that he is committed to healing and finding freedom from his sins. His tours remain cancelled as he continues to devote all his energy and time on getting healthy. Crist acknowledges that it is important for him to be in the best shape mentally, physically and spiritually.

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