One way of defining the main characters in a film, play or novel is by looking at the ones that don’t die until the finale. It is for this reason that people believe that major characters never die before the plot is over. If you are one of the people with this belief, NCIS: New Orleans will give you a rude shock. One of the major actors on the show, Lucas Black, has left.

Lucas Black

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Season 6 of NCIS: New Orleans is still weeks away from the midseason. Its beginning was a bit rough. From season one to the present season, lovers of this series have fallen in love with special agent Christopher LaSalle. However, LaSalle has unexpectedly departed from the show, and many are still wondering why this had to happen.

How Matthew 5:9 episode went down

Senior field agent, Christopher LaSalle, is on a mission to hunt down the drug lord who is accountable for the death of his brother, Cade. In his search mission, he lands in Alabama and meets a woman who claims to be aware of where Cade's death took place. She takes LaSalle to the alleged cabin.

LaSalle is sadly looking down at the floor that has been stained with blood when a hitman surges in. The gunman aims at the woman but LaSalle, a trained special agent, pushes the woman away and takes the bullet on her behalf.

Soon after the gunfire, Dwayne Pride arrives at the crime scene and tries to save LaSalle by having him airlifted to a hospital. Luckily, he survives the surgery and seems fine, but his vitals begin to plummet later on.

As the medics try to do CPR on LaSalle, he looks into the distance and whispers, “Let’s go fishing Cade…” The medical personnel pronounces him dead right after that.

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More family time

People have been wondering what the cause of LaSalle’s demise is. Amidst the speculations, many have been thinking of the departure as a negative thing, but all evidence states otherwise. From the statement given by the showrunners, the departure of Lucas Black 2019 wasn’t based on the script but rather from his personal decision. The producers scripted LaSalle’s ending the moment he decided to quit the show.

Shooting for a long-running series or TV show is both time and labour intensive. As a result, very little personal time is left for the characters. Lucas Black, a father of three, joined show business in 2014 and was thus was left with very little time for his family and other projects.

During his departure interview, he candidly confessed that the stage was consuming too much of his time and he needed a break. He was quoted saying;

"This job isn’t easy for me. There are a lot of priorities in my life that get sacrificed for me to be here. But it’s time for me to focus on those priorities."

The rumours

Right before season 6 was aired, rumours had it that Lucas Black would be leaving the show. Lucas played a role in further fueling these rumours before Mathew 5:9 episode. He took to social media to say the following:

"I am so proud to take a character as a law enforcer. One representing law enforcement positively and uplifting in different ways."

Lucas Black departs

Lucas Black seems happy and proud of his character as special agent Christopher LaSalle. The fact that he exited as a hero and still got a chance to reunite with his brother, as his reward was enough for him.

Right after the occurrence of that heartbreaking episode, Lucas took to Twitter to offer his vote of thanks to his loyal and loving fans.

"Thank you all! I appreciate the love as well as the support from you! My entire time on NCIS: New Orleans was one of a kind!"

Lucas Black 2019

Image:, @ncisnola

Fans reaction to LaSalle’s death

The unexpected turn of events took the fans by surprise. From their reactions on the various social media platform, the death of special agent Christopher LaSalle was not what they expected.

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Reaction from the NCIS: New Orleans team

The showrunners of NCIS: New Orleans, Christopher Silber and Jan Nash were not left behind in giving their reaction to the exit.

"We had the best time with agent Lucas. We are not happy to see Black go, but at the same time very glad he will get enough time to spend with his loved ones."

Scott Bakula who stars as Pride said that LaSalle’s departure was a dramatic change.

Necar Zadegan playing as Hannah Khoury stressed the importance of Lucas Black in the show, meaning that his abrupt death would have a significant impact on the rest of the team members.

Several other co-stars of Lucas showered him with praises for mentoring them and being a great inspiration. They also emphasized the importance of his decision to get more time with his family hence the departure.

Going forward, Lucas Black will be greatly missed in NCIS: New Orleans. Although the team will be affected by his departure, family time is always much more important. We are left with no choice but to wait and see what and how the next episode transpires on CBS.

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