Broadway dimmed its lights to honour the memory of its little bright star. Laurel Griggs, aged only 13, passed away in New York, United States of America. Several days after her death, the cause of her untimely passing was revealed.

Laurel Griggs

Image:, @laurelgriggs

Laurel’s father Andrew Griggs reported that more than 1,000 people came to say their last goodbye to the actress’s funeral on Friday. The teenage actress was known and loved by so many. Laurel Griggs took her last breath on November 5th, 2019.

Who is Laurel Griggs?

As the girl’s grandfather claimed, ‘Laurel was a child that everybody would dream to have’. Smart and terrifically talented, she was expected to have a huge career rise in a couple of years. Unfortunately, a massive asthma attack took her life.

Laurel Griggs Broadway debut happened when she was only six years old. She played Polly in ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,’ alongside Scarlett Johansson. This breakthrough was followed by other roles, as the girl’s father claimed.

When working in ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ was over, the young star moved forth and landed the role of Ivanka in ‘Once’, a Tony Award-winning musical. The the musical performance lasted for 17 months. When it was over, the ambitious and talented actress shifted her attention towards the television and movie industry.

She featured in a couple of commercials and TV shows. The young Broadway actress did voiceovers in ‘Bubble Guppies’, the animated TV series for kids. Then, she appeared as the daughter of Evelyn in ‘Café Society’, Woody Allen’s movie, which was produced in 2016.

The young actress was excited and super happy when she participated in ‘Saturday Night Live’ (2017). She was cast in two episodes hosted by Kumail Nanjiani and James Franco. In these episodes, Laurel starred alongside Alex Moffat and Pete Davidson.

As her family and friends claim, Laurel was a dedicated worker. She used to rehearse her lines and moves to perfection. When her parents suggested that she needed some rest and assured her that her performance was good, she would remind them that she had got a rare chance in life. She was not going to mess it up.

Jessica Threet, who directed a couple of plays in which Laurel featured, admitted that the girl was really hardworking. She never complained and seemed to bring light to every place she went.

Laurel Griggs 2019 plans were big, and she was expecting a bright future. She had made her childhood dream of becoming an actress real and was on her way to becoming a big star.

To show how much the little girl meant for the Broadway fraternity, the famous theatres dimmed their marquee lights. It is an old tradition to honour the memory and pay tribute to a talent that dies.

The news of Laurel Griggs dead came as a thunderbolt. Nobody could understand how such a young person could die so abruptly. The girl’s father revealed the death cause. He explained his daughter's struggle with asthma. She needed regular checkups to manage the condition.

The attack that claimed her life occurred on Tuesday. The actress was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where she spent two hours fighting for her life. Unfortunately, she suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, and doctors could not revive her. Her parents do not blame anyone for her demise.

The funeral for Laurel Griggs, a little but bright Broadway star, was organized on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, at Riverside Memorial Chapel. David Rivlin, the grandfather, said that ‘God needed his angel back’. May she rest in peace.

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