One of the most famous rappers of our time got booed off the stage at Camp Flog Gnaw festival after arriving there as a surprise headliner. Why did the crowd react so negatively to Drake? Was the rapper upset after such an unwelcome acceptance?

Drake booed

Image:, @Drake

On Sunday, November 10, Drake was invited as a surprise guest to Camp Flog Gnaw Los Angeles festival, which is organised by his friend and fellow rapper, Tyler the Creator. However, things went wrong after he appeared on stage, and the fans were not happy with his presence. What happened that night?

Drake booed at Camp Flog Gnaw carnival

The famous singer and rapper had a rough time on Sunday when the fans who came to Camp Flog Gnaw festival showed that they are unwilling to listen to his songs. The event was organised by Tyler, the Creator, who is Drake's friend. It was held at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

The event had a surprise headliner, who the fans were excited to see. When Drizzy was revealed as the special guest and started his performance on stage, a large part of the crowd was majorly disappointed. The "God's Plan" and "Hotline Bling" performer received negative reactions from the fans.

After the public booed, the rapper decided to cut his performance short. He tried to address the fans, asking if he should continue singing. He admitted that he was there for the fans, but he was willing to leave of they did not want him to sing.

The audience continued booing at the rapper and singer. He thanked the public for having him and ended his performance twenty minutes earlier than planned.

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Reactions to Drake getting booed

Camp Flog Gnaw carnival

Image:, @Drake

After the surprise headliner fiasco at Camp Flog Gnaw, the audience's reaction changed depending on who was on stage. It was alleged that people wanted to see Frank Ocean performing instead of Drake.

Some chants for Frank were heard as Drizzy left the stage. Others pointed out that booing a superstar like Drizzy was not cool because he is one of the greatest musicians. Tyler, the Creator got especially annoyed because of the booing. In an angry series of tweets written in all caps, he confessed that he thought bringing one of the most famous artists in the world was "fire", but the guests did not like his choice of artist.

He went on to say that the fiasco was unfair to the star. He further asserted that mob mentality and cancel culture are very toxic and should not exist in real life. Tyler was disappointed because his favourite song, "Hotline Bling" was to play next.

Drake also reacted to the booing incident. Many people expected him to be upset after such an incident, but he chose a more humorous approach to things. He laughed off his Camp Flog Gnaw reception, joking on Instagram that he just signed a "ten-year residency" to be a festival headliner and will henceforth perform there every single year.

Even the most famous and recognised performers like Drake sometimes get hostile reception from fans. This situation teaches us that failure is sometimes inevitable. Despite everything, one has to continue doing what they love.

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