Chicago rapper Lil Reese was critically injured after a gun shooting. The incident occurred on Monday at South suburban Country Club Hills. The rapper was rushed to hospital for treatment. Is the rapper in stable condition?

Chicago rapper Lil Reese

Image:, @lilreese

Lil Reese, born Tavares Taylor, emerged from the Chicago drill scene in early 2010. He is famously known for his collaborative work with the likes of Fredo Santana and Chicago-born Chief Keef. Prior to the shooting, Lil Reese had uploaded a post on Instagram promoting his new song. The post had accumulated over 250,000 views and about 5,000 comments.

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Where was Lil Reese shot?

Details about Reese’s shooting are still unclear. It was, however, confirmed that the 26-year-old star was a victim of a gun attack. Reports indicate that he sustained a single a gunshot wound to the neck. The police found fresh blood around the driver’s seat moments after the shooting.

Reese was driving a Jeep SUV and was alone in the car. He was rushed to the hospital by a well-wisher. Witnesses claim that the rapper was being chased by another car before shots were heard. He is currently in the ICU fighting for his life.

Details about Lil Reese shooters

Police are yet to identify and apprehend the rapper’s assailants but the investigations are underway. Law enforcement officers have received critical information from witnesses. Witness accounts show that the shooter drove a Chevy Malibu.

The car had black tinted windows with Wisconsin license plates. It appears the suspect had tracked Reese through traffic before launching the attack. The car sped off immediately after the gunshots.

Motive behind Lil Reese shooting

Illinois police have started a probe to establish the reasons behind the Monday attack on Reese. There is no clear motive yet for the shooting. Reports from onlookers say that about 12 gunshots went off during the attack. The shooter reportedly had a rifle. This would suggest that the attack was premeditated.

Police were able to locate the rapper at the hospital where he was being treated. He had been checked in under his real name at Advocate South Suburban Hospital in Hazel Crest. The rapper's fans expressed their disbelief on Twitter over the unfortunate turn of events.

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Gun violence continues

In 2019, several rappers have been involved in shoot outs. The top incident was the death of Cali MC Nipsey Hussle. The rapper was attacked and killed while leaving a store in South-side Los Angeles back in March. His attacker was later apprehended.

On April 4th, multiple gunmen opened fire in an Atlanta studio where Waka Flocka Flame was recording. Luckily, no casualties were reported. Another similar incident happened in Nashville, Tennessee. Rapper Yo Gotti’s tour bus was shot at a drive-by.

As Lil Reese battles for his life, there is a need to address issues that are related to gun-violence. Many similar incidents have been reported in 2019. Do you think it is time for America to have stricter gun laws?

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