All the good old 'Friends' fans may start celebrating. Rumour has it that the cast of the legendary show is discussing a television project. A reunion may be airing soon. When will this HBO Max production be released?

Friends cast

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Even though it is reported to be 'a long way from a done deal,' it is possible to expect that in the end, the celebrity 'Friends' cast will find a common language and make an excellent gift for their fans.

Will Friends the series return to our screens?

Those who are negotiating the reunion are not sure about the final production and when it will be filmed. Reputable sources report that the stars are currently brainstorming. They throw around ideas regarding the best way to make a comeback. After all, they need to attract the attention of their old audience and those who have never watched the sitcom before.

Sources claim that the actors are still close pals, so it will not be a problem for them to reunite. Hopefully, they will be reuniting for a reboot soon. Fans of the series still adore the characters, and a low-quality production could be a disservice to the audience. The actors must thus exercise caution and come up with fantastic content.

Presently, everybody is on board and ready to play their respective characters. Rachael (Jennifer Aniston) and her love interest Ross (David Schwimmer), who is also the brother of Monica (Courteney Cox) will be participating. Others are Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Joey (Matt LeBlanc), and Chandler (Matthew Perry).

Rumours about the reunion have been spreading for a while now. While appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres show in June this yea, Jennifer Aniston talked about the reunion. She did not give specific details, but she hinted that everybody on the cast was ready to gather again and give their fans worthwhile episodes.

In its prime, the show won a lot of love from viewers and critics alike. It was named an 'icon', 'must-see' or 'mega-hit' by the most reputable periodicals in the USA. MTV channel listed the series among their '101 reasons the '90s ruled' and gave it the 5th line on the list.

Critics asserted that the absolutely brilliant cast contributed greatly to the show's success. They noted that the actors grew professionally in every new season.

'Friends' was named one of the most popular sitcoms of the 1990s. The show greatly contributed to the modern culture, English language and fashion. A reunion is much awaited among fans. We can only hope that it comes to fruition.

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