He has been a fantastic comedian and actor. His appearance on the screen will make you laugh out loud due to his superb sense of humor. This description fits none other than Joe Lo Truglio. The American born sensational seems to understand what his fans want and never disappoints them.

Joe Lo Truglio

Image: instagram.com, @joelotruglio

Joe Lo Truglio is widely recognized by his breakout character Charles Boyle in the American sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He has risen to be one of the most admired and loved comedians and actors on the screens today. The actor has received accolades from fans and movie fanatics for his roles in the television series, The State and Reno 911!

Profile summary

  • Name: Joe Lo Truglio
  • Age: 49 years
  • Date of birth: December 2, 1970
  • Place of birth: Ozone Park, New York U.S.
  • Nationality: American
  • Wife: Beth Dover (Since 2014)
  • Net worth: $2 million
  • Children: Eli Truglio (son)

Joe Lo Truglio background

Truglio is an American comedian, actor, producer, and scriptwriter born on December 2, 1970. Currently, Joe Lo Truglio age is 49 years. He was born in Ozone Park, New York, United States of America. His ethnicity is White, and his nationality is American by birth.

Lo was raised by both his parents Joseph Lo Truglio and mother Helen Lynch Truglio, who loved him so much. He has no sisters but has one brother, who is his only sibling, Brian Lo Truglio. The actor spent most of his childhood years in Margate, Florida, carving homemade comics, collecting magazines, and shooting horror movies on Super 8.

He graduated from Coconut Creek High School in 1988 and successfully progressed to the university. He attended New York University and, together with his friends, co-founded a sketch comedy group, The State. Following the 1996 state hiatus, he immersed himself in episodic television work, TV commercials, and video games.

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joe lo truglio family

Image: instagram.com, @joelotruglio

Joe has featured in different TV shows since his debut in the film industry. His first appearance on TV dates back to 1992 in the TV series, You Wrote It. Later on, he featured in the 2005 Comedy Central show, Stella. There is no doubt Joe Lo Truglio movies and TV shows have been the backbone of his fame and financial breakthrough.

Some of his most prominent television shows and movies include Glenn Martin DDC, Free Agents, American Dad, Robot Chicken, and Wedding Band. His most significant success in his career is, however, attributable to the Fox sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, where he plays the role of detective Charles Boyle.

So far, he has appeared in more than 90 episodes since 2013 and has renewed his contract with the film producers. More success came in 2007, where he featured in Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, Animals, Dice, and Do You Want to See a Dead Body?


Coupled with his unique style on TV, Joe has also made tremendous strides in films. His ever-fresh style in films and creativity in different roles that excite his fans have seen him receive excellent ratings from both general viewers and his fans.

In Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later, Joe gave his best and eventually ranked as one of the best actors in the film. Later, he also appeared in different films, including the 2003 Station Agent, 2005 film Hitch, the 2007 film Reno 911! Miami, 2008 Role Models, and 2012 Pitch Perfect.

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Voicing roles

Other than appearing in films, his voice has also been used in various films. For instance, in 2012, he voiced a character in the 2012 big-budget movie, Wreck-It Ralph. He also voiced in the films Win-it All and Stupid Gesture, which aired between 2017 and 2018. The actor has also featured in top-rated games such as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and the Warriors.

Joe Lo Truglio net worth

The actor has already amassed immense wealth from his roles in different films and TV shows. How much is Joe Lo Truglio worth? Currently, he is estimated to be worth 5 million dollars.

This is a cumulative sum of all the money he has earned so far from acting, scriptwriting, and comedy. Other than these sources, he is also an author of a book titled Sex A.K.A Wieners and Boobs, which retails on Amazon. The 2003 release sells at a unit price of $48.90 in paperback form.

Joe Lo Truglio family

Joe has a beautiful family together with his actress wife, Beth Dover. The couple started dating early in 2010 and got engaged in 2013. On April 14, 2014, the two held an invite-only wedding ceremony at a secret location.

Joe Lo Truglio wife is an outgoing actress with amazing acting skills. Two years into the marriage, the power couple was blessed with a son, Eli James Lo Truglio. He was born on March 8, 2016. The couple shows off their flourishing family life by posting pictures on social media. It has been five years of a happy marriage.

Joe Lo Truglio height

How tall is Joe Lo Truglio? The American actor measures about 168.9 cm in height. He is also mid-sized and white in complexion. You can also identify him by his brown hair and artistic choice of fashion.

Joe Lo Truglio is an American comedian, actor, television producer, and writer. His work is evident through different TV shows and films where he has played vital roles. He is indeed a force to reckon in the society.

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