Diane Alexander is known to the public as the former wife of popular singer Lionel Richie, who was particularly prominent in the 1980s. What else is this lovely lady known for, and are there any interesting facts about her life?

Diane Alexander Lionel Richie

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Back in the day, people were invested in Lionel Richie's personal life. How is his second wife, Diane Alexander, doing now?

Profile summary

  • Birthday: June 16, 1967
  • Age: 52 years old
  • Height: 5 feet 11 inches (1 m 80 cm)
  • Occupation: Dancer, clothing designer
  • Ex-husband: Lionel Richie (m. 1995 - d. 2003)
  • Children: Miles Brockman (born in 1994) and Sofia (born in 1998)


Lionel Richie ex wife is a constant subject of curiosity. The prominent musician has two former spouses: Brenda Harvey, who was his college sweetheart, and Diane Alexander, who he later started a relationship with. While the latter was just a fling at first, she ended up becoming his second wife and giving him two children.

Diane's childhood and young years are surrounded by mystery. Before meeting her famous husband, she worked multiple jobs. Diane Alexander career choices included working as a dancer, a clothing designer, and a waitress. Additionally, she made an appearance in movies, such as "Forget Paris" and "Lake Girls". When she started dating Lionel, she starred in his music video "Dancing on the Ceiling" in 1986.

Diane Alexander Lionel Richie affair began when they met at the Olympic Games ceremony in 1984 and quickly took a liking to each other. Their relationship quickly attracted tabloid attention. At the time, the famous performer was still married to his first wife, Brenda Harvey, and they had an adopted daughter, Nicole.

There was an infamous incident in which Brenda caught her husband in Diane's apartment. As the police stated afterward, Brenda physically assaulted both her husband and his lover, which resulted in her being taken away in handcuffs. She ended up getting arrested and charged for vandalism, trespassing, injuring her spouse, among other wrongdoings.

After divorcing Brenda in 1993, eighteen years into their marriage, Lionel Richie tied the knot with his second love. Diane had a son, Miles Brockman, in 1994. Four years later, she had a daughter named Sofia.

Diane Alexander career

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Unfortunately, the marriage was not successful either, and the couple split in 2003. The Richie couple went in history as one of the most expensive celebrity divorces at the time. The former dancer asked for a $15,000 clothing allowance and a $20,000 plastic surgery budget per year. Lionel Richie ended up paying his second wife $20 million after the divorce.

Today, Diane has moved on with her life and found another boyfriend, who she often flaunts on social media. Diane Alexander Instagram posts feature her new love quite frequently. In addition, she spends her time with her children, Miles and Sofia, who are already grown.

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Diane Alexander birthday and age

The dancer, who was once Lionel Richie's lover, was born on June 16, 1967. Today, Diane Alexander age is 52 years old.

Diane Alexander ethnicity

It was never confirmed by the former celebrity wife which ethnicity she belongs to. Many people assume that she is Caucasian.

Diane Alexander net worth

The estimated net worth of this lady is $500,000 as of 2018.

Diane Alexander daughter and son

The children of Lionel Richie and his second ex-wife are living their own lives. They appear in the limelight quite often. The older son Miles, who is 25, is a model with a thriving career. He was a part of New York Fashion Week in 2018, where he walked in the runway show. He has also been friends with the Kardashian family, especially Kendall and Kylie Jenner, for a long time.

21-year-old Sofia Richie, who is the youngest member of the family, has been in the modelling business for a while now. She has collaborated with companies and brands, such as Chanel, Michael Kors, and Tommy Hilfiger. Additionally, she has been on many runways.

She is known for her relationship with TV personality, Scott Disick, who is the ex-boyfriend of Kourtney Kardashian and father of her three children. At first, their romance attracted a lot of media attention because of their significant age gap, as the young model is 21, and her boyfriend is 36. Besides, Scott already has three children together with Kourtney. Her dad was also not happy about the relationship. Despite the hiccups along the way, the couple is still dating.

If you want to see the cutest Diane Alexander pictures together with her children, she posts them quite often on her social media. You can often see throwback photographs of her kids' childhood and cute moments from their life. She has a close relationship with both of them despite their busy career ventures.

Today, Diane Alexander is living a happy and drama-free life and focuses on things that matter the most, such as her children. She is Lionel Richie's ex-wife.

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