Narvel Blackstock is a film producer of American origin. He is also known for his stints as a steel guitar player and manager of various country musicians. However, there is more to know about him than just his career. If you happen to be his fan, then you definitely want to know more about his personal life.

narvel blackstock net worth

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Narvel Blackstock made his big break in a band for American country singer, Reba McEntire, who later became his wife. He is accredited for helping her build her career and was even the producer of some of her best hits. After a few years as an artist manager, the producer then left the country music world to pursue his interest in producing films. Some of his famous titles include Is There Life Out There?, Forever Love, and Secret of Giving.

Profile summary

  • Name: Narvel Wayne Blackstock
  • Birth Date: 31 August 1956
  • Place of Birth: Tarrant County, Texas, USA
  • Profession: Talent manager
  • Marital Status: Divorced

Early life

Narvel Blackstock birthday was on 31 August in 1956. He was born in Texas in Tarrant County, USA, and that's where he spent his childhood. His parents were Gloria Elizabeth Alexander and Narvel Leroy Blackstock. He grew up in a small family with his sister, Patricia Ann Blackstock. Not much is known about Wayne’s early life except that he had a passion for music. Narvel Blackstock age at the moment is 63 years.

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Narvel Blackstock Career

Narvel’s career spans across different areas. They include;

Music and artist management

Wayne’s passion for country music, which began at an early age, opened his doors to being a musician. He started playing the guitar professionally by participating in local bands. In many of these bands, he was a leading vocalist.

His big break came when he joined Reba McEntire’s band as a steel guitar player. He worked with the country singer closely and together, they produced great songs. Narvel worked as Reba’s manager for 35 years –a period that saw success in both their lives. While he went on to form a musical company, Starstruck Entertainment, Reba accumulated a net worth of about $95 million.

It was at this time that Blackstock dropped his music career to become a talent manager. One of the most notable acts he managed, apart from his wife, is Kelly Clarkson.

TV, Music, and movies

Narvel Blackstock career in film production soared due to his role as an executive producer of shows, such as Malibu Country (2012) and Forever Love (1998), that featured his then-wife. He also directed Reba: Video Gold II, which was released in 2006.

Narvel Blackstock directed a couple of music videos for Reba during their time together. This helped grow his profile, not just on the music scene, but also in the film industry.

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Family and love life

Narvel Blackstock has been married twice and divorced twice. He first married Elisa Gayle Ritter in 1973. The marriage lasted until 1988 and together, they were blessed with three children namely; Cassidy, Shawna, and Brandon Blackstock.

A year after Narvel Blackstock divorce from Elisa, he married Reba McEntire, and the pair exchanged vows in 1989 in a private ceremony held in Lake Tahoe. It was after this marriage that he became Reba’s manager and together they formed Starstruck Entertainment, which at the time focused on managing her career.

Their relationship also resulted in a son named Shelby, who was born in 1990. The couple was popular among fans. Narvel Blackstock Instagram page is, unfortunately, nonexistent.

In August 2015, Blackstock and his wife announced their separation much to the shock of country fans worldwide. Speaking to CMT Radio Live in an interview recorded on March 2016, McEntire said that the divorce wasn’t her idea. It has been widely reported that the current Narvel Blackstock girlfriend is a Nashville-based real estate agent, Laura Putty Stroud.

Narvel Blackstock’s son, Brandon, is married to Kelly Clarkson, who is one of the best country musicians. The couple has two children together, Remington Alexander and River Rose.

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Net worth

Narvel Blackstock net worth is now about $50 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Most of this comes from his work in the ’80s and early 90s as an executive producer. His company, StarStruck Entertainment also grew in popularity and attracted many artists including Linda Davis and Kelly Clarkson.

Apart from businesses, Narvel also owned a $9 million property in Beverly Hills together with his wife at the time, Reba. In 2015, after their divorce, they sold the home for $$22.5 million. They also owned another home which they sold for $5 million to a property developer. The money from these property deals has also contributed to his net worth.

Narvel Blackstock has walked the journey to fame since he discovered his love for music in his childhood. As he ages and relinquishes most of the roles he held, he remains one of the most popular figures in the country music scene.

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