Have you ever asked yourself, "Who is Joe Rogan wife?" Before her marriage to the top comedian, very few people knew Jessica Rogan. She is very private about her marriage and personal life.

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Born in Scottsdale, Arizona, Jessica Rogan is an American citizen who has spent most of her life in the country. Joe Rogan wife name is Jessica Ditzel and she is a model, and TV producer. According to some reports, she also served as a cocktail waitress before she met her now-husband.

Profile summary

  • Name: Jessica Rogan
  • Birth Date: June 28, 1978
  • Place of Birth: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Education: California State University-Long Beach
  • Profession: Model, TV producer
  • Husband: Joe Rogan (from 2009)

Early life

Although Jessica is one of the most searched people on the internet today, very little is known about her earlier life. Her parents are Robert and Vicki Schimmel and her family was a typical 1970s American family. Jessica has six siblings, who are currently in different career paths.

It is interesting to note that her father was also a stand-up comedian, and this greatly influenced her views on parenting. According to her, growing up in Scottsdale, Arizona, also influenced her views on life, arts, and relationships.

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Jessica has tried different career paths in the past two decades. They include:


Did you know that she worked as a cocktail waitress before meeting comedian Joe? In a series of interviews, the comedian has confessed that he met his wife while she was still a cocktail server. It is essential to point out that she also had other interests.

Jessica's career on the big screen

While working as a cocktail server, she tried her luck in the film industry. Her main inspiration for working in this competitive industry was to follow her father's footsteps. She was part of different films and documentaries. Joe Rogan wife age has also given her an edge when it comes to film and big screens’ selections. She is youthful and attractive.

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Jessica is one of the most beautiful women in the world of entertainment. She is a former model. In 2010, she was part of the new signings by EM Model Management. Later, she worked with other Asian modelling agencies. The LA Fashion Week and Arman Noor FIVE are some of the runways she has been part of — as a creative and as a model.

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There are two reasons why she is exceptional in the modelling world. In all pictures, there is no single image of her that is indecent. She credits her upbringing for her choice of life, and is very particular about the kind of projects she works in.

Second, Joe Rogan wife height and never-ageing face also set her apart in the modelling world. Jessica is one of the few models in their 40s who are still marketable and highly-priced.

Family and social life

From her marriage to Joe, Jessica has been blessed with two daughters. Apart from the occasional paparazzi pictures of the family, not much is known about the kids. One was born in 2008 and the other in 2010. She had another child before marrying the comedian.

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Nearly all celebrities and their spouses have social media accounts. If you search for Joe Rogan wife Instagram, you might be disappointed. Most pictures of Joe Rogan's wife are either on tabloids. In one of his podcasts, Joe pointed out that his wife is not a fan of social media, especially Instagram.

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Even though her family is famous for podcasts, she has never been featured on the renowned podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. There are, however, some rumours of a possible Joe Rogan wife podcast in the future. Joe Rogan wife and kids are, however, a subject in the comedian's podcast from time to time.

Jessica Ditzel worth

Jessica is one of the few celebrities that their net worth is unknown. Joe Rogan wife net worth, excluding her husband's net worth, is estimated to be about $2 million.

Without a doubt, Joe Rogan wife plays a crucial role in his career. In different interviews, her husband has pointed out that she is one of the reasons his brand is thriving, especially in a world with millions of podcasts. Her ambition, hard work and humility inspires people.

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