Packy Lee is arguably one of the most underrated actors today. The seasoned actor has been carving a name for himself in the show business for years now. Fortunately, his golden goose, which is his acting talent, began to lay eggs with his role in Peaky Blinders. Apart from Peaky Blinders, he appeared in The Frankenstein Chronicles. One agreeable thing about this Irish actor is his commitment to excellence in acting. These are all the juicy details that you need to know about his life, career, and nationality.

Packy Lee

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The ability of an actor to naturally connect with his or her audience is what makes him or her a great artist. If his role in Peaky Blinders is anything to go by, then Packy has surpassed the threshold. He effortlessly exploits the emotions of his viewers with his character. Born on June 15, 1982, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the 37-year-old Irish actor has worked his way to stardom. He has built a family while at it.

Profile summary

  • Packy Lee full name: Packy Lee
  • Date of birth: June 15, 1982
  • Place of birth: Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Age: 37
  • Citizenship: Irish
  • Ethnicity: Irish
  • Occupation: Actor
  • Marital status: Married
  • Spouse: Danielle Lee
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Children: Fodhla, Saedhna and Dallan Lee
  • Packy Lee height: 172 cm
  • Net worth: $10 million
Packy Lee

Image:, @packylee

Packy Lee age

Lee was born on June 15, 1982, which makes him 37 years old as of the time of this publication. Like most of his fellow actors, he made it to the top at the right age.

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Packy Lee net worth

According to Net Worth Post, the actor's net worth is estimated to be $10 million. He has earned most of his wealth through his acting career.

Packy Lee nationality

Packy Lee birthday comes every June 15. This was the day he was born in Belfast, Nothern Ireland. He holds the citizenship of Ireland.

How did he get started in acting?

The actor tried his hand in acting for the first time when he was still young. He started with amateur acting by going to the former Matt Talbot youth club located in west Belfast. He later attended other clubs across Nothern Ireland before he started going to clubs operated by the late Michael Pointer and Peter Quigley. Peter and Michael played a big role in shaping his acting career. Packy thanks then for this. In his own words, he said:

I will never forget what these guys did for me. They ran Ulster Theatre Company and the Arts Youth Club, and I was just one of the kids lucky enough to be able to go every Saturday. I had to travel over from Whiterock to Botanic, where I enjoyed every minute of it. I met wonderful friends there when I was only 14, and they are still my wonderful friends today.

However, like many people who try to make a career out of acting, he had a back-up plan in case things did not work out. He trained as a chef. Luckily, his dream came true, and he did not have to depend on his cooking skills to earn a living.

Doors began to open, and Packy found himself in TV series such as Killing Bono, and Murphy's Law. However, it is Peaky Blinders that serves as his career highlight. He often says that he is already living his dream while referring to his role in Peaky Blinders.

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Packy Lee nationality

Image:, @packylee

A self-proclaimed family man

The actor is a self-proclaimed family man. The love he has for his family is apparent as he chose to commute to work as opposed to finding a home close to work. The Loud and proud Belfast resident found love in Danielle, his beautiful wife. The two tied the knot in a secret wedding in Welly Parkin in Belfast. The event was kept a secret.

In 2008, the couple got their first child whom they named Fodhla. When Fodhla was about to get her first communion, her father could not keep calm. He was excited about it and spoke about it to everyone with a lot of pride. He later opened his heart by comparing his child's communion with his career. He said that the two were equally important to him.

Together with his wife, Packy Lee Peaky Blinders has two more children. They are Dallan, who was born in 2015 and Seadhana, who was born in 2011.

The family of five resides in West Belfast. Here, they get to keep their privacy and stay in touch with their Irish roots, which is very important to both Packy and his wife. When he got a chance to comment about his love for home, he said:

I am a Belfast man, loud and proud, as they say. While I travel and can be away a lot, home is home. I decided years ago to commute to work. It is better for the family and me, and it keeps my feet on the ground.

The actor sends his children to a local Gaelscoil.

In spite of his frequent travel to work, Packy always comes home to his beautiful wife and kids who happily receive him each time he gets there. Like many family men, he understands the role his family plays towards his overall happiness.

Packy Lee full name

Image:, @packylee

Packy Lee movies and TV series

The actor has been cast in a number of movies and TV series. There are;

  • The Witcher
  • Peaky Blinders
  • A Good Woman Is Hard to Find
  • Float Like a Butterfly
  • The Frankenstein Chronicles
  • Clean Break
  • Shooting for Socrates
  • King of the Travellers
  • Jump
  • The Shore
  • Killing Bono
  • Pumpgirl
  • The Bill
  • Murphy's Law
  • ShakespeaRe-Told
  • Pretty Face
  • Endgame
  • Pulling Moves
  • You Looking at Me?
  • Holy Cross
  • The Escapist
  • H3
  • Blamm! Blamm!
  • Accelerator
  • Titanic Town

Lee Peaky Blinders

In this series, the actor plays the character Johnny Dogs. Johnny is a close friend of the Shelby family. He is prudent enough to keep good relations between himself and both the Lee and Shelby families. In his own wisdom and curiosity, Johnny exchanged a horse for a chance to ride in Shelby's car.

Due to his diplomacy before war philosophy, he wedded Esme Shelby and John Shelby after he helped Tommy to reach a peace agreement with the Lee family. This union saw the Shelby brothers becoming Packy Lee brothers too.

Like his exciting role in Peaky Blinders, Packy Lee The Witcher character promises to be a good one too. Even though his specific role is not yet known, it appears as if he is part of the re-shoots of The Lesser Evil. There is a high probability that Lee is part of the Renfri's gang in the movie.

Packy Lee images

The actor has amazing images on Instagram. Check them out;

He was whiling the day away shirtless as the sun soaked into his body.

Hanging out with beautiful people is always a good idea.

A walk on the beach calms the mind.

Packy Lee is a living testimony that hard work, combined with a clear vision of what you want to achieve, can yield great results. Today, he prides himself for being an accomplished actor. Things can only get better for him moving forward.