If you are making a list of American football players with exceptional skillful displays on the field, Julian Edelman must be there. The New England Patriots wide receiver and punt returner has been playing since his college days and has set good records for those who are looking up to him. Aside from his profession, he has a personal life that is quite motivating.

Julian Edelman arrested

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Julian mainly plays on offense. He was active with Kent State and the College of San Mateo team as their exceptional quarterback. His career progression is indeed captivating. He was signed during the 7th round of the 2009 NFL Draft by the Patriots. Outside football, the star player is interested in religion and history. He has adorned the Israeli flag several times during their matches. He is a player worth reading about.

Profile summary

  • Full name: Julian Francis Edelman
  • Date of birth: May 22, 1986
  • Birthplace: Redwood City
  • Age: 33 years old
  • Gender: Male
  • Zodiac sign: Taurus
  • Height: 1.78 m
  • Profession: American football player
  • Nationality: American
  • Net worth: $25 Million
  • Weight: 90 kg
  • Parents: Frank (father) and Angela (mother)
  • Siblings: Jason and Nicole
  • Daughter: Lily

Background information

Julian Edelman is an American who born to Angela and Frank Edelman. He has two siblings who are Jason and Nicole, and they were raised in the cool city of Redwood, California. Their father was a mechanic, the owner of an A-1 Auto Tech. The football player shares multiple ancestries, which include English, Scottish, Greek, Irish, German, and Ashkenazi Jewish. His mother was born in Kitchener, Canada, to German parents, who lived in Belgium.

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The American football player attended the College of San Mateo for one year after his high school education. While in college, he had a total throws of 1,312 yards and 14 touchdowns. He also had a school-record of 1,253 yards and 17 touchdowns. From there, he moved to Kent State University and majored in Business Management. His zeal for playing never died as he had a good record at Kent State University. He was a three-year starter quarterback.

Notable among the circle of friends of the American player is Tom Brady. The relationship between Julian Edelman and Tom Brady, is unbeatable as it is one built on trust and great understanding. They have been close for many years. It took four seasons of hard work for him to earn Tom's confidence as a target after he joined the Patriots in 2009. Tom is an American football quarterback for National Football League's New England Patriots. He has won six Super Bowls out of the nine that he played, and is respected for his numerous accomplishments.

How much is Julian Edelman worth?

Julian Edelman net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth, is estimated at $25 million. This, as everyone knows, is due to the fact that American professional football players are well paid. Apart from that, many of them have additional sources of income from endorsements. In May 2019, the football player sealed a two-year extension contract worth $19 million.

The new Julian Edelman contract implies he is staying with the Patriots until 2021. This is a great deal that will give his net worth a boost. The contract has other benefits in the form of a work-out bonus worth $500,000 and many other incentives. His salary is $12 million annually.

Julian's height

Height is a great advantage for American professional football players, and the star player is not lagging in this area. Julian Edelman height is given at 1.78m.

How old is Julian Edelman?

Julian Edelman age is 33 years as at the time of publishing this piece. He was born on May 22, 1986. This means that Julian Edelman birthday falls on May 22 of every year.

Julian Edelman awards and career stats

The footballer has been a great player with a good record. 2019 was an outstanding year for him, as he was rewarded for his exceptional performance on the field. He was announced as the recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award for the year 2019.

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The award is given annually to a player from each team for the spirit of sportsmanship and courage and has been issued since 1980. Julian was picked from the Patriots for 2019. The star player's career has been taking a positive turn since 2009 until 2019. Julian Edelman stats are given below;

  • Receptions: 599
  • Receiving yards: 6,507
  • Receiving touchdowns: 36
  • Rushing yards: 391
  • Passing yards: 90
  • Passing touchdowns: 1
  • Total return yards: 1,986
  • Return touchdowns: 4

From this record, we can say that the Julian Edelman award for 2019 was well deserved.

Julian Edelman latest news

When different people view Julian Edelman images, several things come to their minds. Just as he is known mostly as an American football player, many will also remember him as the player who wears the Israeli-American flag on his hat in some of his matches.

Recently, an announcement of his arrest was made. It was alleged that he jumped on the hood of a car in Beverly Hills, California. The incident resulted in some damage. He has since been released with a misdemeanor citation and will, on April 13, appear at the Airport Courthouse.

Julian Edelman dating life

The football player admitted experiencing an unprecedented transformation in his life in 2016 after the birth of his daughter. The New England Patriots wide receiver was at the time dating Ella Rose, a Swedish model. Julian Edelman daughter with Ella is Lily. His relationship with his child's mother ended after a short while. Presently, there are unofficial reports that he is in a relationship with Daiane Sodre, a Brazilain model.

Julian Edelman family

The American footballer shares interesting family history with a diverse background. His paternal great-grandfather was Harry Edelman, and he was of Jewish origin. He got married to Mabel Hennessey after he migrated from Poland to England. Mabel, Julian's great-grandmother, was Irish.

Edelman is proud of his roots in what he calls a 'Jewish awakening'. In December 2013, he told NFL Network during an interview that he is proud of his Jewish background, and he celebrates Hanukkah.

Julian Edelman has been a great player in America football. He has been active in his career path without any disruption. His contract renewal in 2019 with the New Patriots attests to that. He is one of the celebrities who enjoy keeping their lives private. Though the star player was in the news recently for a bad reason, he is loved and admired by many.

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