Adriana Lima hottest photos show how beautiful and stunning the Brazilian actress and fashion model looks like. Best known as Victoria's Secret Angel since 1999, her modeling career started in elementary school. That was when she won several beauty pageants. She was the spokesmodel for Maybelline cosmetics from 2003 to 2009, and she also graced the company's first calendar. The fashionista further gained national recognition for doing an ad campaign for Swatch.

adriana lima pics

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Adriana Lima was born on June 12, 1981, in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, to Nelson Torres and Maria da Graca Lima. She got married to Marko Jaric, a Serbian professional basketball player, in 2009. They are blessed with two daughters - Valentina (born on November 15, 2009) and Sienna (born on September 12, 2012). Being one of the world's top fashion models, she has an estimated net worth of $45 million and earns an annual salary of $7 million.

Adriana Lima sexy photos

Besides her magnificent walk on stage, the Brazilian model and actress is also a social lady. She commands more than 12.4 million followers with her sexy photos on Instagram. She has never let down her fans as she always shares things that are worth keeping them busy all day. Here are 15 hottest Adriana Lima images you would not want to miss.

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#15. Magnetic look

The 38-year-old damsel is one of the few models who have the inherent quality of beauty. She entered Ford's supermodel of World Contest at age 13 and finished in the first place.

She has always got that perfectly sculpted body with an irresistible smile. Although she can be gracious with her poses, one can still see that hot and appealing look in her eyes.

#14. Cute body

Being a lady who is always working out, only a few believe that Adriana is a mother of two. She is still fresh and young, with her body standing firm and smooth. Adriana Lima bikini brings out her curvy shape in full view and keeps her fans longing for more.

She sets the runway on fire each time she is on a fashion show with those supermodel bikinis. Adriana Lima body is simply hot.

#13. Beauty personified

The superstar model is a lovely woman with an excellent fashion sense. As a model who has appeared in many international magazines and worked for various firms, including Elite Model Management, she is creative with her poses.

All she needs is to set her beautiful eyes on the camera, and the rest is a story. This must be one of the reasons why many like to view Adriana Lima sexy pics.

#12. Smile

This is one of Adriana Lima hot pics out of many. Anyone who looks at Limabean, as she is fondly called, would see a simple lady with a free mind.

She smiles broadly while flaunting her beautiful dentition.

#11. Love for beach

After working tirelessly, it is worth taking out time to catch some fun, which is what the sexy model is doing here. Some fans look forward to seeing Adriana Lima nude pictures, but she rarely posts such images.

Even in her playful mood, she still ensures that what she has on speaks some decency. She uploads pictures that will keep you staring at your screen without shifting your head.

#10. Sexy mood

Anyone who follows the model and actress closely will find out that she is a lover of nature. She loves beaches and waterfalls. Looking at her, she strikes that pose with a happy face looking at you eyeball to eyeball.

Also, her face radiates confidence. One could mistake her as a not-so-easy person.

#9. Elegant

The sexy model is so beautiful that every man would dream of having her in his life.

She is not just beautiful but pretty tall, with a height of about 1.78 m. She has a sexy long and toned legs and knows how to flaunt them whenever she has a chance to do so.

#8. Angelic

This fantastic model and actress stands by the springs and rests her two glowing arms on the rock as she strikes a pose that enchants the spirits of nature. Sometimes, one wonders how her photographer captures these poses.

Adriana Lima hot pictures are always enchanting.

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#7. Boss lady

This is one of the best poses that the superstar loves to have. Her look expresses someone who is calm, focused, and determined to succeed, irrespective of the opposition.

She is one of the female media personalities who enjoy showers of praise from their fans for their natural beauty and passion for their career. Who would see this image of hers and not develop an instant liking for her?

#6. Passion for boxing

Boxing and workouts have been an essential aspect of the model's life for more than eighteen years. She believes that sports have dramatically helped her in her fashion career. Besides mental strength, she has also gained physical fitness and other benefits from sports.

The PUMA and Adriana Collection gave her the opportunity of introducing boxing-inspired performance pieces with strong streetwear influence.

#5. Daring

You do not have to check Adriana on a hot bikini or near-nude pictures to appreciate her beauty.

You can see the confident lady giving you a unique look that shows that she has her life under control. One could call this one of Adriana Lima best pictures.

#4. Glamour

There is something fantastic about wearing long gowns, and Adriana Lima pulled this green gown effortlessly in her Vogue cover. She has appeared on magazine covers numerous times.

In November 2019, she was the cover of Vogue Arabia 2019 in Emilia Wickstead dress with Fendi heels and a Demeulemeester hat.

#3. Uniqueness

Adriana Lima is an actress who is deeply loved by her fans. She flows with the moment and loves having fun.

At the same time, she loves exploring and connecting with the universe in different ways. She is a friend that you would be proud to have because of her unique approach to life.

#2. Workout

Many upcoming models want to be like Adriana. They see Adriana Lima hot and sexy looks, but not everyone knows how much work she puts in every day to maintain her physique.

There is a lot of work and weird stretches that she engages in to keep her body ever-charming as she goes about her modeling business.

#1. Bold

If you have a modeling career or you are considering picking up a career in modeling, and you need inspiration on how to go about your business, this is an international model that you can follow for inspiration.

Although some dresses are beautiful, you can agree to the fact that some people make dresses more beautiful, and this fantastic model is one of the latter. She is confident and has mastery over her fashion choices.

There is no single argument to the fact that the Adriana Lima hottest photos shared so far are captivating. She has worked her way to become one of the best models of her time. Apart from that, she carries out her duties exceptionally and has taken modeling as a way of life. Share your thoughts with us on this collection of Adriana Lima hottest pics online.

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