Carrie Underwood hottest pics are excellent. The American country music sweetheart is remembered by many as the one who was hand-picked by audiences across the U.S. She went on to become the winner of Season 4 of American Idol in 2005, and she has continued to win the hearts of numerous listeners around the world. From being an idol to an icon, her career has given her superstar status.

Carrie Underwood sexy

Image:, @carrieunderwood

It is not surprising that the internet is flooded with Carrie Underwood hot pics. She is a great singer with a hot body and an even sexier fashion sense. Every shot of her looks dashing and exotic. She always appears like one of those exquisite cover models on high-end fashion magazines. We love her sharp sense of style. She is dashing and sexy in all of them. Here are a few examples to checkout.

Carrie Underwood hottest photos online

Here are a few of the best Carrie Underwood sexy pics you will come across online. Whether you want to see one of Carrie Underwood bikini pics or are interested in a sexy display of Carrie Underwood body, then we got you covered. Check out these 15 best Carrie Underwood photos to get you started. We would like to hear from you concerning the best of them all.

15. City chic

No one says that you cannot enjoy some sunshine just because you are in the city. This is one of the most fantastic examples of Carrie Underwood hot pics. She seems to be deep in thought as she looks over her window. It may just be one of the most relaxed looks she has been spotted wearing. Phenomenal!

14. Country girl doing her thing

When the music is this deep, then you feel it to the core. Here is one of Carrie Underwood images that shows her feeling the song. You can feel the passion just by looking at the pic.

13. Sexy high-low

An incredible night is crowned by many things, including rocking your favorite outfit. We love her choice of the outfit above. It makes her look like a princess. As usual, she seems to be engrossed at the moment. Fans love it when she exudes passion in her singing.

12. Bold

Even though we are used to seeing a calm and collected performer, this is one of Carrie Underwood pictures that show a different side. She appears fierce in the snap, an indication that she must have brought the house down. It is better than a Carrie Underwood nude pic.

11. Pretty

The glittery outfit makes a statement that is bold and sexy. She comes off as a stylish queen. The attire she has on is fancy and draws the attention of anyone watching her.

10. Smiley

She must have had a great time on the show going by the smile on her face. Apart from seeming happy, her attire is on point. We especially love her silver boots; they make such a bold statement on the kind of fashion preferences that Carrie likes. She seems to pick and pair colors perfectly.

9. Beautiful casual

She has sexy and flawless legs. We love the simple look in the snap above. She wears a black blouse with a pair of shorts. Her pose is relaxed and contented, a look that we love. Carrie Underwood booty, from the shot, must be well-toned.

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8. Black skater dress

Black works perfectly for most people, especially if you know which design works best for you. Carrie seems to be on top of her game with the black skater dress in the pic above. We love the details at the bottom of the dress, where it curls upwards like a balloon. The hand details also make her look stunning.

7. Comfortable

With her hair held up in a bun, the singer looks refreshed. She must have had a great time at the coast. We love her chilled and laid back appearance in the picture. The white pair of shorts, paired with the green top is perfect.

6. Showing up in style

One of the rules of the trade in showbiz is always to turn up chic and stylish. Carrie does not disappoint on this front. She looks smashing in her unique jumpsuit. The cleavage shows off some of her great features

5. Gym selfie

Her sexy body takes a lot of work to achieve. She looks fantastic in the blue gym pants. We also love her sneakers. The selfie is on point, and you can tell that Carrie Underwood ass is toned from the exercises.

4. Princess

Here is an excellent snap of the singer in her favorite teen look. She looks like a princess from a movie. We lover her!

3. Perfect look after the gym

After a great workout, choose a great attire to complete the look. Her floral dress is excellent for the next move.

2. Sexy in a maxi

The blue and green maxi is an excellent choice for the runway. The beaded details make it fancier.

1. Royal purple and sexy

Here is a pic of her sexy legs in her perfect royal purple outfit and a load of awards. She looks smashing in shorts. Chances are that she had a few heads turning because of this hot dress. It is even more exciting that she won a few awards in the process.

What do you think about Carrie Underwood hottest pics above. Do they meet your expectations? We feel that she lives up to her sexy and hot description. Every pic shows her as a stylish and fashionable diva. We love how she picks the right outfits for every occasion.