Lebron James interest in basketball was seen at an early age. Over time, his prowess became known to many, pushing him to receive numerous awards and honors for his stellar performance. When in high school, as a sophomore, the player was chosen for the USA Today All-USA First Team.

lebron james birthday

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Most people heard of Lebron when he chose to skip college and join the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers. He went on to lead Miami Heat to win NBA titles in 2012 and 2013. He also won another championship with Cleveland in 2016. He later joined the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018. Most of his fans know him as Lebron James Lakers champion and star.

Profile summary

  • Name: LeBron Raymone James
  • Date of birth: December 30, 1984
  • Age: 35 years
  • Place of birth: Akron, Ohio
  • Profession: Basketball player
  • Height: 6 ft 8 inches

Early life

Born as LeBron Raymone James, the American basketball player has been with the Los Angeles Lakers for a long time. Lebron James birthday is given as December 30, 1984. He first got national publicity when he became the top high school basketball player countrywide.

His size, court vision, as well as athleticism, have all been instrumental in making him a success. He became a four-time NBA MVP. He led Miami Heat to clinch titles in both 2012 and 2013. He then returned to Cleveland, helping the franchise win its first championship back in 2016.

Lebron James accomplishments

The basketball player showed interest and talent in basketball at an early age. The player's recruitment by St. Vincent-St. Mary High School happened in 1999. He went on to have a total score of 2,657 points, 892 rebounds and 523 assists for the four years he was there.

When he was a freshman, the player averaged 18 points for each game. He assisted his team to a Division III state title when he scored 25 points in the championship game. The fame of his advanced basketball skills spread, winning him several honors.

He went on to bag the USA Today All-USA First Team award, becoming the first sophomore ever selected for this award. The team he played for went on to become the winner of the Division III state title, two years in a row.

In the next school year, he became PARADE Magazine's High School Boys Basketball Player of the Year, as well as the Gatorade Player of the Year. At the end of his junior year, James was such a strong player that he contemplated going pro.

He chose to finish his education first. His final year as a senior was marked with tremendous results on the court. He averaged 31.6 points per game, thus helping his team to clinch their third state title — the St. Vincent-St. Mary High School team earned the top national ranking that year. He was then named one of the National Basketball Association's top players.

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NBA drafting

The player had an impressive record, which was not surprising. He became the first candidate to attain the 2003 NBA Draft straight out of high school. Cleveland Cavaliers decided to sign the then powerful young forward to their team. He went on to prove his value, helping the then-struggling franchise. The team had ended the previous season in eighth place in the Eastern Conference.

During the 2003-04 season, Lebron made history by becoming Cavalier franchise first member ever to win the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. He went on to become the youngest player — at only 20 years old — to receive this honor.

He averaged 20 points per game back then, becoming one of only three rookies to attain this feat. This placed him in the same position as Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson. His success continued as he did well in the NBA during the next season. He upped his average points per game to 27.2. Another historic moment in his life came in 2005 when he was the youngest player to score over 50 points in a single game.

In 2006, the player helped his team win against Washington Wizards in their first round of playoff action. The Cavaliers then took on the Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference semifinals, where he scored an average of 26.6 per game in this postseason match-up. Unfortunately, this wasn't enough to secure his team's victory. Despite his team not being at the top, he continued to get special recognition for his skills.

In 2006, he signed a new contract agreement with the Cavaliers. The team's performance improved in the next season, defeating Detroit to win the Eastern Conference. It, however, lost during the NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs in four consecutive games.

The 2007-08 season, James continued to help the Cavaliers improve their standing in the Eastern Conference. The team went on to the semifinals, but they were defeated by the Boston Celtics in seven games. James' individual performance continued to impress many, outperforming rival players such as Kobe Bryant as well as Allen Iverson when he scored an average of 30 points per game. This was his highest average in the NBA regular season.

In the early 2008-09 season, there was so much talk about the player's future in the sport. He settled for being a free agent in 2010, prompting so much discussion about his end in the sport. A few journalists picked New York Knicks as a potential suitor. The player made several references to his impending free-agent status but still downplayed it;

"I am focused on the team that I am on right now and winning a championship ... I don't think about making a change at this point."

As he continued to grow in the sport, Lebron James agent, Rich Paul, came in handy. The American sports agent based in Cleveland, Ohio. He founded Klutch Sports Group and represents over 12 clients.

Lebron James rings

The basketball player's accomplishments include three NBA championships, three NBA Finals MVP Awards, four NBA Most Valuable Player Awards, and two Olympic gold medals. He has appeared in fifteen NBA All-Star Games and has been named NBA All-Star MVP three times. His 3 rings are in 2012, 2013, and 2016.

Lebron James wife and kids

The player is married to Savannah. She is an American businesswoman and philanthropist. Together they have been blessed with 4 children.

Lebron James kids are LeBron James Jr., Bryce Maximus, Zhuri, and Bronny. Lebron James son, LeBron James Jr., has followed in his father's footsteps.

Lebron James stats

The player's stats are impressive. He has always been a great player from the beginning.

Lebron James net worth

The star has an impressive net worth of about $450 million, according to Forbes. A lot of this money has been accumulated over the years through his basketball games. He has also been involved in several projects and endorsements, all of which have contributed to his wealth. His salary is also given as $208 million. The player is known for signing lucrative deals.

A perfect example would be the Lebron James shoes deal with Nike. He has also worked with numerous other companies, including Coca Cola, Intel, and Beats by Dre and Kia, just to mention a few.

The Lebron James foundation

Apart from accumulating a lot of wealth for himself, the player also recognizes the need to give back. He is able to accomplish this through his foundation. He has been known to support a lot of causes in society, more so those to do with education and basketball.

Lebron James height

The basketball star is 2.06 m tall. His height has been instrumental in making him a success, giving him an added advantage on the court.

Lebron James Anthony Davis

While basketball is known to have a lot of rivalries, the basketball player has a unique relationship with his bud Anthony Davis. The two have formed a formidable pair that is causing serious heats when on the court. There's is a unique collaboration that is to be emulated.

Lebron James is an excellent player. He had early success in his career, choosing to forfeit college for the NBA. He went on to become a big-shot, breaking records and setting new bars. His career journey has been impressive, and one that many upcoming players should look up to.