The current world is filled with men and women doing great things. A good number of them are outstanding in different fields. Most famous women in present-day are phenomenal in unique ways. These ladies have done some remarkable things that have transformed the world.

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Who is the most famous female in the world? The answer would arguably be powerful female world leaders like Angela Merkel. However, pop star Madonna can also clinch this position if you are looking at the world's greatest entertainers. Mother Theresa, the famous philanthropist of all time, could also be. The bottom line is that any woman whose deeds make her stand out can easily fit into the position. It is when you get down to specifics that you can narrow down to a specific answer.

Popular women the world has today

The list below ranks different ladies based on the various things they do. We get to understand why these ladies stand out. We will answer questions such as who is the most powerful women in world? Check out and see if your favorite star made it to the list.

20. Oprah Winfrey

Who is the greatest women of all time? While many may debate about the perfect answer to this question, there is no doubt that Oprah, a 65-year old American talk show host, will go down history as one of the greatest females. You need to check out Oprah Winfrey hot pics online to gauge her influence. She is celebrated for championing for numerous causes and being the voice for the voiceless. Oprah net worth is 2.7 billion dollars, and is one of talk show big-shots with a career spanning over 2 decades. She remains one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

19. Ruth Porat

Ruth is a 62-year old American, and the Senior Vice President and CFO of Google. She took charge as the CFO of Google's parent company, Alphabet, in 2015, and has been instrumental for the company's growth through different technological advancements.

She has also been the face behind the acquisitions whose focus is on mobile search as well as mobile programmatic advertising.

18. Sheryl Sandberg

The 50-year-old American is Facebook's COO. Sheryl Sandberg net worth is 1.7 billion dollars. She was instrumental in moving the online social media company from a loss of $56 million in 2008 to a profit of $22.1 billion in 2018.

She focuses on positioning Facebook as the right platform for small business ads, a move that has increased the company's revenue by 38 percent as of 2018. She has stood the test of time, wading through controversies in the business world.

17. Emma Walmsley

The 51-year-old is from the United Kingdom. She is the CEO of GlaxoSmithKline, one of the well-known companies in the world. She became the CEO of GlaxoSmithKline in April of 2017, becoming the first and only woman to run a significant pharmaceutical company. Many of Emma Walmsley hot pics depict her as a serious business lady.

After she took the position at the 300-year-old company, she championed a global restructuring program meant to save the company over $500 million annually by 2021. These savings will then be invested in R&D spending as well as in funding a pipeline of new products.

16. Julie Sweet

Julie is a 52- year-old American citizen, and the CEO of Accenture. Julie Sweet hot pics showcase her as a sweet lady. Do not be mistaken; she is a powerful woman in charge of an enormous corporation. She assumed the position in September 2019. Before this, she served as the company's general counsel as well as the head of the North American market, which is the company's largest market.

She also served on the Business Roundtable, the World Economic Forum's International Business Council, as well as the Catalyst's board of directors.

15. Kristalina Georgieva

Kristalina Georgieva hot pics show a powerful 66-year-old Bulgarian woman still at her prime. She serves as the managing director of the International Monetary Fund. The Bulgarian economist and former CEO of the World Bank has served in her current position since October 2019.

She previously served as the Interim President for the World Bank Group. Her responsibilities included focusing on the organization's efforts to eradicate poverty by 2030. In December 2019, she championed a new three-year loan program with Ukraine worth $5.5 billion. Her major focus points include climate crisis as well as the link to financial stability, and the rising debt levels in Africa.

14. Safra Catz

The 58-year-old American is the Oracle CEO. Safra Catz net worth is 1 billion dollars. Her journey to the position started when her co-CEO Mark Hurd stepped down.

She was the co-CEO of software firm called Oracle from September 2014, after its founder, Larry Ellison, stepped down. By 2018, she had made $40.7 million in compensation. She is also the force behind Oracle's aggressive acquisition strategy, which has helped the company close over 100 acquisitions from 2005. She has been with the company for more than 2 decades.

13. Isabelle Kocher

Isabelle is from France, and she serves as the CEO of Engie. This is the largest non-state-owned energy company. She has been the company's top leader since 2016 and has seen it through some of its toughest periods after losing billions in 2015.

When she took over the position, she instituted a three-year plan to move the company's portfolio from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. The company has since completed its strategic pivot ahead of schedule, reducing 20% of assets in fossil fuel-related assets.

12. Susan Wojcicki

famous women

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When it comes to social media, YouTube is a trendsetter that cannot be ignored. Interestingly, the force behind it is a woman. Susan is a 51-year old American who serves as the CEO of the 2-billion users platform.

Wojcicki became Google's 16th employee in 1999. By 2006, she advocated for the $1.65 billion acquisition of YouTube. She has been running the platform ever since 2014, and it is currently worth 90 billion dollars. The powerful leader sits on the board of Salesforce.

Prior to working with Google, she was at Intel, where she served as a management consultant at Bain & Company.

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11. Gail Boudreaux

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59-year-old Gail is both the President and CEO of Anthem. Prior to holding this position in 2017, she had served as the CEO of UnitedHealthcare, which is the largest division within the UnitedHealth Group.

Anthem is one of the nation's largest health insurers. It has completed acquisitions of America's 1st Choice, HealthSun as well as Aspire Health. With Gail's steady guidance, it has been able to launch its own Pharmacy Benefits Manager in 2020.

The company also has an Anthem Foundation Awards, which announced over $53 million in grants meant to address critical health issues that Americans face. She has immense industry experience, which makes her respectable in her peers' circles, just as she is on Wall Street.

10. Marillyn Hewson

Marillyn is the CEO of Lockheed Martin in the USA. She has led the company since 2013, steering the defense company's position to a top position in security, aerospace, and technology. She has overseen the development of the F-35 fighter jet program and many more developments that address modern military needs. These have helped increase the company's market value to nearly $100 billion.

In 2017, the company made $53 billion in sales, most of which came from the U.S. government. Under her leadership, the company's stock has increased by over 300%. It continues to develop a supersonic aircraft that is meant to break the sound barrier without a sonic boom.

9. Ginni Rometty

Ginni is the CEO of IBM. She assisted the company in transitioning into a data powerhouse. Currently, half of the company's revenue is generated from the emerging, high-value segments of IT compared to its legacy software products.

She put cognitive computing in its future strategy, thus making massive bets on blockchain and quantum computing. By October 2018, IBM bought Red Hat for $34 billion, putting the company at a competitive position with Amazon and Microsoft as far as cloud computing is concerned.

8. Ana Patricia Botín

Ana is the Executive Chairman, Santander. The 59-year-old had to take charge after the sudden death of her father Emilio in 2014. She was able to navigate the political unrest, and champion fintech, focusing on entrepreneurs and backing small enterprise as well as women-owned businesses.

She went on to launch Santander X as a means of supporting university entrepreneurship. This helped in the creation of the country's first multi-sector blockchain-based platform. The bank's $200 million InnoVentures private equity fund has seen the growth of Digital Asset Holdings, Ripple as well as Kabbage.

7. Abigail Johnson

famous women

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Abigail, 58 years old, is the CEO of Fidelity Investments. Abigail Johnson net worth is 16.5 billion US dollars. She has held this top position at Fidelity Investments since 2014, taking over from her father. She has also served as the chair since 2016.

She is the granddaughter of Edward Johnson II, the founder of the Boston-based mutual fund giant in 1946. Abigail owns a 24.5% stake of the firm, which has an estimated $2.7 trillion in managed assets. She is noted for embracing cryptocurrencies. In 2018, the company launched a platform allowing institutional investors to trade bitcoin and ether.

6. Melinda Gates

It is not surprising that 55-year old Melinda makes it to the list of the most influential women in the world. As the wife of the third-richest man in the world, it is expected that she has some level of influence in certain fields of interest. Her influence is felt most in the world of philanthropy, as she co-chairs the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The foundation was established in 2000 is currently the world's largest private charitable foundation. It has a $40 billion trust endowment. She is often engaged in the foundation's operations and is behind its strategies. The foundation helps in solving tough global challenges ranging from education and poverty to sanitation. She is passionate about women's and girls' rights.

5. Mary Barra

Mary is 58 years old. She is from the United States and stands out because she is the CEO of General Motors. She is one of the most powerful businesswomen in the world, seeing that GM is a world-renowned brand. She has been at the helm of the company since 2014 and is behind the heavy investment in self-driving cars, electric vehicles, as well as a ride-share known as Maven. She has seen the company make major progress in this field.

4. Ursula von der Leyen

Ursula is a 61 -year-old lady from Belgium. She stands out because she is the President of the European Commission, European Union. Her appointment as President of the European Commission, which is an executive branch of the European Union, happened in July 2019.

She became the first woman ever to serve in this role. She is responsible for overseeing the legislation that affects over 700 million Europeans. Before her appointment, she was the longest-serving cabinet member in Angela Merkel's cabinet from 2005 to 2019.

The last 6 years of her life as a cabinet member saw her serving as Germany's Defense Minister. She has brought gender balance in the commission she currently serves in since there are 11 female commissioners and 15 males.

3. Nancy Pelosi

The 79-year-old is from the United States of America. She is notably one of the most famous women in the USA and the world at large. It is easy to see why since she is the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. She is the 52nd Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

This position makes her the highest-ranking elected woman in the US. It also means that she is the second-in-line for the presidency. Her third term as the Speaker began in 2019 since she held the same position from 2007 to 2011. She is famous for having initiated the fourth-ever impeachment proceedings in the history of the U.S. against President Donald Trump.

She was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in 2013. This took place at a ceremony in Seneca Falls.

2. Christine Lagarde

Christine is from France. The 64-year-old has done some remarkable things in her life. In 2019, she became the first woman to head the European Central Bank. Her election on first November 2019 placed her at the helm of the European monetary policy. This happened at a period when there was a geopolitical uncertainty that slowed economic growth in the region. She is up to the task and may just be the key to turning things around.

From 2011 to mid-2019, she headed and ran the International Monetary Fund, whose role is to ensure the stability of the current global monetary system. She also broke boundaries as the first woman to ever hold such a position. She is definitely one of the women worth watching, especially when monetary decisions are concerned.

1. Angela Merkel

Who is currently the most famous woman in the world? Angela Merkel is one of the most powerful women in the world. She is the German chancellor who has been named the world's most powerful woman for the ninth year running in a wide-ranging list intended to celebrate the 100 most influential females.

She dines and wines with the world's greatest leaders, taking part in making crucial decisions. The 65-year-old political dynamite has been serving as Germany's chancellor since 2005. Angela Dorothea Merkel is a formidable politician who served as leader of the center-right Christian Democratic Union from 2000 to 2018.

The list of the most famous women in the world listed above gives just but a few of the most accomplished women. These ladies are doing great things in different fields, and are not necessarily celebrities in showbiz.