Social media platforms have become some of the best ways of assessing popularity, especially among celebrities. More often than not, celebrities with the most followers on Twitter, Instagram, or even Facebook are the most popular. Most people use Twitter to express their views and to connect with their favorite celebrities.

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A good number of prominent personalities are active on Twitter. Of all social media platforms, Twitter is preferred by many people whose aim is to pass an agenda and discuss issues objectively. These include presidents, former presidents, respected politicians, and even popular celebrities. Whether the platform is used for official or serious communication or a social channel, you can be sure that most people enjoy exchanging on Twitter because of how easy it is. Who has the most followers on Twitter 2019? Read on to find out more about celebrities with most Twitter followers 2019 and 2020.

Celebrities with a massive Twitter following

Which celebrity personality has the most number of Twitter followers? This is a question that fans will always want an answer to, especially if they are keen about following particular people. Just as it is the case with people with popular celebs with most followers on Facebook, and those with most followers on Instagram, the numbers count.

In most cases, these individuals stand out for one reason or the other. Here is a list of 10 of the most active users with numerous fans. You may be surprised by some of the people that make it to the list.

10. Donald J Trump - @realDonaldTrump (72.1 million)

Donald Trump is followed for obvious reasons. Donald J Trump followers on Twitter are slightly over 72.1 million people, a number that keeps rising with each passing day. As one of the most powerful men in the world today, and the President of the US, he commands a huge following. These include both haters and supporters. He is known to share his thoughts on this platform. Trump is known to have unrestricted views on different subjects, both political and social. Despite having a huge following, he follows a handful of accounts.

9. YouTube - @YouTube (72.2 million)

It is not strange for other social media platforms to have an account on a different platform. Such is the case with YouTube. YouTube Twitter account registers about 72,223,496 followers. You may think of it as a marketing strategy, or simply a trick that helps reach more people. Whatever the case, it seems to work since it has a huge following of over 72 million followers. This way, YouTube can post content that would otherwise be missed. It also follows about 1000 accounts.

8. Ellen DeGeneres -@TheEllenShow (79.4 million)

It is not a surprise that Ellen has over 79.4 million followers on this platform. This is what you get for being a celebrity talk show host. If you follow Ellen DeGeneres latest news, you will note that she often shares videos and content about and from her show on this account. This works as an extension of the show, which helps her garner more fans. Surprisingly, and unlike most celebrities, Ellen follows over 27.6 accounts.

7. Lady Gaga - @ladygaga (80.8 million)

Lady Gaga, a dramatic celebrity, makes it to the list because of her 80.8 plus million fans. Apart from Lady Gaga hot pics found online, it is possible to guess why she has such a big following. Everything about her is arresting, from her performances to wardrobe choices.

The musician follows 123.6k accounts. If you want to keep yourself updated on what the musician does on a daily basis, the chances are that you will find more info on Lady Gaga Twitter account than on any other platform.

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6. Cristiano Ronaldo - @Cristiano (82.5 million)

Representing soccer players is Cristiano Ronaldo, with a whopping 82.5 million, a number that keeps growing. The player is loved by many. He, however, follows just a handful of people on the same platform. This characteristic of many famous celebrities. Even so, fans still adore him and can never get enough of Cristiano Ronaldo hot pics, especially those that capture him playing.

5. Taylor Swift - @taylorswift13 (85.6 million)

Taylor is a sexy musician who is loved by many fans, especially millennials. Her style and wardrobe choices seem to resonate with many people in the younger age bracket. Taylor Swift hot pics are proof of this. She shares all her music on this platform, including new releases and ideas. She also trailers of the movies she has been featured. You are likely to learn something about her personal life on the Taylor Swift Twitter account than you would anywhere else.

4. Rihanna - @rihanna (95.7 million)

Bad girl Riri also makes it to Twitter most popular celebrities. She promotes her business and music on the Rihanna Twitter account, something that has garnered her a huge following. Some people love her for her looks, while others appreciate her talents and business acumen. More than 95.7 million followers on the platform are proof of this. She is also courteous enough to follow at least 1000 of her fans.

3. Katy Perry - @katyperry (108.4 million)

Chat and interact with Katy Perry on her Twitter page. She has over 108.4 million fans, with whom she shares a lot about her personal and musical journey.

2. Justin Bieber - @justinbieber (108.9 million)

When you have a voice such as his, getting over 108.9 million followers on this platform is a walk in the park. The active musician shares all his music on the Justin Bieber Twitter account, just as many others do. He uses it to inform his fans about his progress. You get to learn about his progress on the platform.

1. Barack Obama - @BarackObama (112.9)

Topping the list is none other than the former president of the US President Barack Obama. Barack has always been unique in all he does. Barack Obama Twitter fans total over 112.9 million. This makes him the most followed person on Twitter 2019 and 2020.

At this point, you should not be wondering who has the most followers on social media? With the 10 celebrities given above, you can tell which celebrities are followed the most. Did your favorite celeb make it among the people with most followers on Twitter? Feel free to share.