More often than not, you find yourself questioning the financial choices rich celebrities make. Some of these choices are arguably the most stupid purchases. These purchases range from their daily luxury shopping to out-of-the-world buys. Some of the purchases do not make any sense to the average Joe, but hey, they are celebrities with money to spend.

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In show business, money talks, and the world obeys. Rich celebrities like to spend their money on expensive purchases, most of which may seem outrageous to the ordinary person. Nicholas Cage purchases serve as a good example of things celebrities buy that leaves you surprised. The veteran actor spent $275,000 on two king cobras and an octopus. However, he is not the only celebrity with a rather uncommon shopping habit.

Dumbest celebrity purchases

From a one million dollar humidifier to an inflated fossil price, the list of dumbest celebrity purchases is long. Do not expect to understand any of their choices unless you are also a super-rich celebrity. Here is a list of the ten outrageous celebrity buys of all time.

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10. Lady Gaga’s ghost detector

Lady Gaga hot pics are readily available online. One thing you may not know about her is that she takes her safety seriously. She has bodyguards who ward off unwanted attention and immediate threats to her life. However, these professionals can only do so much. They cannot protect the pop star from the spiritual world.

She claims to see ghosts. These fears and superstitions led her to seek the services of ghost-busters and paranormal professionals. The professionals recommended her to acquire an Electro-magnetic Field Reader that would help to flash out the ghosts. She, therefore, went ahead to buy the device, which costs a whopping $50,000. Given that Lady Gaga net worth is $320 million, the amount was not too hard for her to raise.

9. Beyoncé’s gold leggings

With Beyonce net worth of $500 million, everything with a price tag is within reach. For Beyonce, a private jet worth $50 million and Balenciaga leggings valued at $100,000 were necessary purchases. However, fans think her designer leggings were a useless buy. Apart from the fact that they are gold embellished, the celebrated singer only wore them during her 2007 BET performance. By ordinary standards, this was an outrageous purchase.

8. Mike Tyson’s Bengal tigers and solid gold bathtub

The former boxing champion gifted his ex-wife, Robin Givens, with a solid gold bathtub with a market value of $2 million. This makes one wonder if an ordinary tub would not have served the same purpose. This was in 2004 when the actor was about to go bankrupt. However, it was not the only thing he bought that got everyone's attention.

The former sportsman went against the norm to acquire two white Bengal tigers valued at $150,000. Mike Tyson net worth of $3 million made it possible. The cost of keeping the tigers was $4000 per month. He later admitted that he made some pretty dumb financial decisions.

7. Bono paid a plane ticket for his hat

What will you do if you are worth $700 million? This is the actual Bono net worth, who paid first class for his hat. Dumb, right? An ordinary person would have worn the hat instead.

Bono spent $1700 on a first-class plane ticket for his hat. Compared to everything else in this list, this amount might seem less, but the whole idea of paying insurance for a hat is pretty outrageous. We may never understand why he made this choice.

6. Jay-Z's champagne bottles

There is no better couple than Jay Z and Beyonce, especially when it comes to luxury spending. With Jay Z net worth being $ 1 billion, the rapper is able to make unbelievable purchases. The rapper and businessman terminated his contract with the Cristal champagne brand and signed up for Armand de Brignac. Connoisseurs know Armand as the 'Ace of Spades.'

The rapper bought 75 bottles of Ace of Spades for $250,000 while he was at a party in Club Liv, Miami. He accompanied the purchase with a $50,000 tip. Jay Z loved his choice of champagne so much that he ended up buying the company.

5. Celine Dion’s humidifier

With Celine Dion net worth being $800 million, the songstress spares no coin in ensuring she protects her vocals. She needed a humidifier to cosset her vocals. While she could get one at $200, she was not one to settle for less.

The veteran singer chose to go for a $2 million humidifier that most likely does the same thing as that which costs $200. Even though this does appear a bit extreme from her end, it goes a long way to show how much value the singer attaches to her vocals.

She also incurs expensive costs, such as $4 million dedicated to paying her team that comprises security personnel, an Olympic trainer, and a yoga teacher. She spares no expense when it comes to self-care.

4. Paris Hilton’s dog house

most stupid

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How far are you willing to go to guarantee the comfort of your dog? For Paris Hilton, getting a $325,000 custom-designed dog house is how far she went. The house is an exact replica of her own home with chandeliers, high-quality furniture, air conditioning, and heating. Thanks to Paris Hilton net worth value of $300 million, her dog gets to live a better life than most humans.

3. Kim Basinger's own town

most stupid

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Kim wanted to make the town of Braselton, Georgia, a tourist attraction with complete movie studios and big music festivals. Therefore, she purchased a larger chunk of the town for $20 million. Apparently, Basinger became interested in the town when she got held up in traffic. The negotiations for the purchase went on for one and a half years before agreeing on $20 million that she paid in cash.

Things did not work out as she had envisioned. Five years later, she sold the entire land for $1 million after declaring bankruptcy. Currently, Kim Basinger net worth is $40 million.

2. Donald Trump’s gold-plated private jet

With a $3.5 billion net worth, Trump buys anything with a price tag. Several years ago, the businessman bought a Boeing 757, for $100 million. The plane was later refitted with new technology and covered with gold on almost all surfaces. In addition to this, the family logo was put on the jet.

1. Nicolas Cage $1 million comic book collection

Cage has 50 exotic cars, two yachts, a 28-room Bavarian castle, 12 mansions, two islands in the Bahamas, a Gulfstream jet, and a collection of shrunken heads. As if this is not enough, the actor bought a Lamborghini whose former owner was an Iranian shah. In 2007, he was locked in a bidding competition with Leonardo Dicaprio for the skull of a Dinosaur.

With Nicolas Cage net worth of $25 million, his most absurd purchase was a $1 million comic book collection that got stolen. However, he got it back and sold it at a profit. He sold it for $2.1 million.

These are the most stupid things celebrities have ever done with the money. This is only possible when money is not a problem, as is in their case.