Most people today crave for attention, especially in the celebrity world. Different stars are often rated based on their social crowds. The following is a list of celebrities with the most followers on Instagram. The list consists of different celebrities from sports, music, acting, and fashion.

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Who has the most followers on Instagram 2019? This would be Cristiano Ronaldo. The numbers prove that there are numerous soccer fans out there who love him for his prowess in the field. Apart from him, several other celebrities have also accumulated a huge following, thanks to the pics they share online.

Top celebrity followers on IG

Who has the most followers on Instagram? This is a question whose answer may be crucial when trying to gauge a celebrity's popularity online. While Instagram may have started as a way of checking out strangers' pics as well as keeping tabs on what celebrities post, it has quickly risen to become one of the tools that measure popularity.

The number of followers one is able to get is increasingly becoming a big deal, especially if you are in showbiz. Check out the following numbers to know if your favorite star has a huge following. This may answer the question, "who is the top 10 most followed on Instagram?"

10. Taylor Swift — 126 million

Have you seen Taylor Swift hot pics lately? If so, then you know that she is a sensation. Even with numerous fake accounts trying to deviate traffic form her page, Taylor Swift still remains one of the most followed stars on IG.

She is an Instagram darling going by the numbers that she is able to attract not only on Instagram but also on Twitter. The successful musician tends to share a bit about her life, mostly professional details. She appears to be a bit private but will show off her cats once in a while.

9. Neymar Jr. — 133 million

Who has the most female followers on Instagram? While it is not easy to know for sure, Neymar must be among the few stars with an impressive female following on Instagram. Apart from genuine lovers for the sport, some follow him for his bewitchingly handsome looks. His sense of style has also earned him a number of followers too. Neymar hot pics have been a great attention grabber in his social circles.

8. Beyoncé — 140 million

While Queen B, as she is fondly called, does not post as often as other celebrities in her circles do, you can always be sure that when she does, Beyonce hot pics will blow your mind.

Whether she is posing for a professional shoot for a magazine, shooting a music video, or just going about her business, all her photos are always on point. It is not surprising, therefore, that she has a huge number of followers on her page. Furthermore, her exceptional singing is enough to make anyone interested in her.

7. Leo Messi — 142 million

It is becoming clear with each passing day that soccer is dear to many people in the world. This is the best possible explanation as to why most famous players have massive followers on social media. Messi, a superstar, is not left behind as his account has over 142 million followers. This makes it easy for him to make it to our top-ten list.

6. Kim Kardashian — 159 million

Which celebrity has the most followers on Instagram 2019? Kim is among the most followed celebrities on Instagram. Kim Kardashian hot pics have contributed to this. Her popularity grew after her leaked sex tape. Kim is one of the Kardashian sisters who is always ready to show off her booty and sexy body.

The display of her curves online has earned her an impressive fan base online. Her IG page has over 159 million followers, a number that constantly rises as she gets new followers every day. Her stylish dress-code has a lot to do with this fame, in addition to the fact that she is married to Kanye West.

5. Kylie Jenner — 161 million

Kylie is one of the most popular stars in IG. Her popularity has increased sue to the famous Kylie Jenner hot pics. It may have something to do with the fact that she is an established and astute businesswoman, whose influence in cosmetics is self-explanatory. In addition to that, Kylie Jenner net worth makes her one of the richest self-made women, whose value is over the billion-dollar mark.

Add this to her stunning charm and beauty, and you will understand why she is a point of interest. Besides, she posts sexy and sensuous pics on her page, that it is almost impossible not to look at her irresistible photos.

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4. Selena Gomez — 168 million

Selena comes to mind when looking for the most followed celebrity on IG. She has dropped to position 4, but her numbers are still impressive. She has over 168 million people checking out what she posts regularly.

She may have dialed down a bit on what she posts for personal reasons, but she still maintains a good relationship with her fan base. The actress and singer is always beautiful in all her photos. You need to see a few of Selena Gomez hot pics online to confirm this. Her gallery consists of a few photos of her projects and a lot more of her carefree side, something that her fans find fascinating and easily relatable.

3. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson — 171 million

Popularly known by the name The Rock from his wrestling days, Dwayne is one of the most followed Instagram stars. Fans love the fact that despite looking fierce and strong, he has a delicate side to him, especially when it comes to his family. His ability to supply his fans with sneak peeks into his personal life as a dad, husband, and actor keeps them coming back for more. He seems to appeal to every fan's real side by showing more than the celeb vibe and buzz.

2. Ariana Grande — 174 million

Whether you want to see Ariana Grande hot pics as a goddess or a princess, the hit-maker is a stunner. Ariana has a way of charming fans and making them stay glued to her. This explains her over 174 million followers' status. She is a darling when doing her thing as a pop star, and will always look adorable even when she shares about her mental struggles. Perhaps, it is the combination of these two sides that make her endearing and lovable.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo — 202 million

Cristiano tops the chart as the celebrity with most followers on IG. Cristiano Ronaldo hot pics prove that he is a handsome hunk. Add this to the fact that he is a stellar soccer player, and you get to understand why fans cannot get enough of him.

Do you feel that some stars deserve to be in the list of those with most followers on social media? Well, the chances are that there are numerous fake accounts created by fans and followers that divert their traffic. Nonetheless, it is important to celebrate and appreciate your favorite celebrity.