There is a thin line between hate and love, as life continues to prove each day. The same analogy applies to fame and popularity. While several celebrities are loved and adored, the list below captured ten of the most hated celebrities in this decade. The reason for the dislike varies from one star to another. Check out why fans feel indifferent to the stars.

most hated celebrities

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With everything being rated and ranked, the world is slowly narrowing down all things. Finding a list with the most hated celebrities is, therefore, not surprising. One may wonder if it is necessary. However, anything is expected in showbiz.

List of the most hated celebrities

Life is a puzzle, and it is constantly changing. People who were previously idolized and adored by fans have slowly fallen back as new stars come up. While hate may be a very strong word to use, these stars are no longer in the limelight. It may be safe to say that they are disliked. One may wonder what happened, and if it is something that current popular celebs can learn.

In most cases, hate stems from being impossible to work with others. If previous experiences are anything to go by, co-workers have very few good things to say about these stars. Fans may not know what goes on behind the scenes as they get to see the adorable characters on screen, but those who work closely with them have a different say altogether. They are either rude, too demanding, or unaccommodating.

10. Russell Crowe

Rusell may not intend to be difficult, but his perfectionist nature often gets in the way of others. Movie directors have all spoken of how he expects the most from others since he is capable of delivering the same. He, therefore, ends up disagreeing with his workmates at times. The industry requires people to loosen up a bit. An uptight approach only adds pressure to an already difficult environment. Although many people have expressed their dislike for him, he continues to soar in his career. Presently, Russell Crowe net worth is estimated at $95 million.

9. Lindsay Lohan

Looking at Lindsay Lohan hot pics, you get the idea of an adorable, charming, and humble lady. These are some of the descriptions that match her pretty face. However, Lindsay Lohan latest news reveals that during The Canyons release, as reported by the New York Times, she was a headache for her fellow crew members.

Forget the great and charming looks, Lindsay Lohan scandals prove that she is a hard nut to crack. The shooting process was not the easiest because she became too demanding, ordering everyone around. While this may be best described as the price of her talent, she did not make many friends when she asked everyone to strip too just because she was filming nude scenes.

8. Chevy Chase

It is always good when an old-school star makes a comeback. The former ’80s comedic superstar was fortunate enough to make it to the small screen on community. Unfortunately, he was not to last long since he was unable to keep his role after frequently arguing with the sitcom’s creator, Dan Harmon, as well as his co-star Joel McHale. He was fond of making racist comments and, as such, could not stay on the show. Looking at Chevy Chase pics online, you can almost tell that he is seemingly not friendly to everyone.

7. Mel Gibson

Things may be changing for him today, but that was not always the case. He was one of the blacklisted Hollywood actors for the longest time. He suffered from alcoholism and came across as a racist.

Most of Mel Gibson pics online did not give him away. His misogynistic and anti-semitic comments, as well as physical abuse towards ex-wife Oksana Grigorieva, earned him hate from those within his circles as well as outside. Unless he reveals a total change of heart, it may be difficult to convince people that he is changed. Today, Mel Gibson net worth is estimated at $425 million.

6. Charlie Sheen

Charlie is slowly learning that good looks alone cannot get you friends in Hollywood. At least none of Charlie hot pics helped him get away with bad behaviors. He may be Hollywood’s “bad boy,” but it appears as though his antics may be working to his disadvantage. He has been termed as a menace to work with because of his unpleasant attitude. Despite the hate, Charlie Sheen net worth is $10 million.

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5. Sharon Stone

It has been reported that Sharon is a real Diva to work with. Do not be fooled by the numerous Sharon Stone hot pics you see online. At one time, she even borrowed the production credit card to go shopping in Bulgari. Her press agent does not agree with these sentiments by filmmakers who have worked with her.

4. Christian Bale

Looking at Christian Bale hot pics online does not tell you that he can be a difficult person. When someone is a perfectionist, it is sometimes impossible to work with them. Christian Bale dislikes distractions while filming. Shane Hurlbut, the director of photography on Terminator Salvation, suffered his rage.

His tantrum got to extreme levels that it was recorded and even streamed online! When someone runs out of control, it may be a challenge to work with them. Everyone wants an accommodating person on set.

3. Shia LaBeouf

No one understood why Shia LaBeouf had taken LSD on the set. When filming Fury, he was not cooperative, so he ended up fighting with Brad Pitt. This strange behavior got him to the headlines. He is certainly one of the most stressful people to work with.

2. Julia Roberts

While it may be difficult to picture the adorable Julia Roberts as an a** on set, she admitted in an interview that she used to be a selfish little brat. This had pushed some of the best in the industry, including Steven Spielberg, to shy away from working with her again after Hook.

1. Mike Myers

most hated celebrities


Fans may have a difficult time believing that the charming and funny guy is a difficult nut to crack onset. He has been described as a diva who hides away in his truck to avoid talking to people. It appears as though he prefers keeping to himself rather than conversing with colleagues, as explained by actress Amy Hill.

From the list of the most hated celebrities above, it is clear that certain behaviors are appalling. While the stars may not necessarily be hated, they are not loved or preferred. Some of the names that made it to the list are shocking since they come off as sweet on-screen. The bottom line is that there is a lesson for everyone to learn. Mastering the art of working well with others is the safest way to operate in any workplace.