Actors, singers, and other stars may seem great and charming form a distance, but that is not always the case with all of them. The list below contains celebrities who are horrible to their fans. This is not to mean that all famous stars fall into this category. On the contrary, a good number of them are polite and pleasant.

celebrities who are horrible to their fans

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Do not let celebrity hot pics fool you. An individual's personality has nothing to do with their role in a movie. They can appear sweet and mellow because a role requires them to be, but are different in real life. The following are a few of the stars that have shown a different side than what fans expected.

List of celebrities who were horrible to fans

While it is saddening and disappointing to find out the person you have idolized for a long time is rude and inconsiderate, sometimes that is the truth you need to accept. If things were to be perfect, you would expect that these stars would eagerly want to meet and interact with their fans whenever they get the chance to do so.

Unfortunately, some of the stars are sometimes rude. Everyone indeed has moments of weakness where they just snap. However, there are a few celebrities who seem to snap more often than expected. These are the people you probably need to think twice before approaching them for an autograph.

10. Tobey Maguire

You would think that Tobey would be more accommodating because he was the original Spider-Man actor. If you were considering taking a selfie with him, then you may want to rethink this. He has been ranked as one of the worst celebrities to approach by Autograph Collector magazine.

The magazine described him as being "so wrapped up in his egotistical web that he has earned the distinction of being the worst signer of the year." Surprisingly, none of Tobey Maguire hot pics portray this side of him. They all show him as the macho superhero he is revered for being.

You want to get yourself a good camera and learn some defensive tactics in case you want to try pushing your luck. One video showed the actor smacking a camera from a fan's hands when he tried to get a selfie. While the need for personal space is perfectly understood, getting violent to prove this point is unacceptable.

9. Lucille Ball

She may be described as nothing short of a legendary comedian who gave life to the much-loved titular character of I Love Lucy. Surprisingly, even with numerous new productions, her comedy still lives on today.

Unfortunately, she was among the stars you would have considered nasty when cameras were not rolling. She was regarded as an arrogant and insensitive person who would not speak or help, especially when dealing with flight attendants. She let her assistant talk on her behalf whenever she was approached for drinks. This poor track record spilled over to her fan base.

The number of online accounts where Ball is either harsh or rude to her fans after I Love Lucy stopped filming new episodes is common.

8. Russell Crowe

No one doubts that Russell Crowe is insanely talented. However, he needs to work on his people skills if he hopes to attract a huge following online. He is so good at what he does that he can transform into any character he is called to, from being a schizophrenic Nobel Laureate to a gladiator, and even a singing police inspector.

Unfortunately, every review of his skills comes with a lot of negative remarks about his people-treatment skills. Most of Russell Crowe sandals are linked to his temperament. He is known to have a feisty temper such that he has a few timelines dedicated to his outbursts. His record of violence includes throwing a telephone at a hotel employee, fighting his bodyguard, and yelling at fans and coworkers. There are times he has managed to be rude to larger crowds.

7. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera was a hit singer in the late '90s and early 2000s. She made a name for herself as a singer with an unmatched voice. Her attempt in acting also added to her bevy of fans. However, it also came with a few enemies.

Several celebrities have referred to her as rude or being stuck up, including the likes of Adam Levine, Valerie Bertinelli, and Kelly Osbourne. Fans have also not been left behind as they express similar sentiments for the times they tried to interact with her. Numerous Christina Aguilera scandals revolve around her bad attitude.

She has been noted to ignore Daniel Franzese, the character Damien in Mean Girls. It is surprising since he sang Aguilera's "Beautiful" at a talent show, something that was one of the most iconic scenes of the movie. Sadly, the singer did not care and ignored his attempts to speak to her, walking away rudely.

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6. Chevy Chase

Popularly known for his role in the National Lampoon movies and Community, he has gained such a negative reputation for rudeness. He has constantly proved to be a complete jerk. The proof is spread all over in articles; Facebook Live interactions as well as an oral history of Saturday Night Live. The actor has been documented to be rude to almost everyone from his co-stars, writers, and even interns.

At one point, Will Ferrell referred to him as the worst SNL guest host because of his lecherous remarks towards a female writer. Bill Murray also could not put up with him. Apart from being a bother and impolite to his workmates, he transferred his bad attitude to fans.

He had to lose fans, including actor Rob Huebel, who was a huge Chevy fan, after he slapped him when he approached him backstage at a theater. He brushed it off as a joke, but this was very telling of his character.

5. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz hot pics often show her off as a darling. She first became famous as a model. She moved on to become a film star after starring in films such as The Mask and Charlie's Angels. She went on to get numerous Golden Globe nominations. Her success made her among 2013's highest-paid actresses over 40 in Hollywood. With over two decades of Hollywood success, one would think she would have a better appreciation for her fans.

She was ranked as one of the worst celebrities to approach for an autograph, just like Tobey Maguire. Even though she does not get violent, she is known for lecturing fans on how stupid asking for an autograph is, according to findings by Autograph Collector magazine. She would do so much better by just turning down the fans.

4. Hilary Duff

If you grew up in the 90s, then Hilary is a familiar face. She is best remembered as Lizzie McGuire. She also acted in the teen movie, A Cinderella Story as well as Cheaper by the Dozen. She also started her singing career.

Even though she set the ground for many who came after her, she is well known for not holding out. A case in point is when she dissed a bunch of celebrities including, Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown, and Faye Dunaway publicly. You may want to watch it when approaching her as a fan. Do not be fooled by her cute demeanor as depicted by many of the Hilary Duff hot pics you see online; she can be a pain if not well-approached.

3. Robert Pattinson

Robert hot pics may have contributed to making him likable, but he got his fame from playing one of the most famous Twilight roles ever, the vampire. He, however, got in trouble when he expressed his thoughts about how he thought Stephenie Meyer was ‘mad.’ He further explained that his display of the character of Edward Cullen was like a manic-depressive who self loathes. These are statements that fans did not take lying down.

Having hated the character he was playing, he did not love fans who adored Edward Cullen passionately. This became hard since Twilight superfans were known never to allow actors breathing space, especially if they loved the character. Unable to keep the fans away, Pattinson worked hard to diss the franchise as well as its fans during interviews. The surprising thing is that this is the same movie that made him a millionaire. Not cool!

2. Rachael Ray

Looking at Rachel Ray hot pics online, you cannot help but fall in love with her adorable self. Unfortunately, the reality is something short of adorable. The celebrity cook is known for ignoring some of her guests. Her perky attitude on the Food Network Channel is something fans are familiar with. She may be known for being funny, full of energy, and relatable.

She was able to create a huge following because of keeping it real and always insisting that she is not professionally trained, but a lover of food. She likes coming up with a few tweaks to recipes that are easy to learn.

However, she may be losing grip on her followers as the brand is slowly starting to wear off. Every time she has someone on her talk show, fans have constantly complained about how she talks over guests and does not allow them to have a say of their own.

1. Sandra Bullock

Topping our list is the famous and very successful Sandra Bullock. She has been able to build a steady career since her start in the 80s, something that is commendable. She is best known for her roles in comedies, and many find her fun. One look at Sandra Bullock hot pics and you can see why she is loved by many.

However, you may want to tread with caution when approaching her for an autograph. A few fans have come out complaining of her cold nature towards them, especially after rumors of her yelling at a wheel-chair bound fan went rampant.

The list of celebrities who are horrible to their fans above may just be a warning to excited fans. You may want to watch how you approach the said celebrities lest you be on the receiving end of their wrath.