It is possible to come across some of the meanest TV personalities today. While the expectation is that these stars should be warm and friendly, some stars are quite the opposite. Someone's personality has a lot to do with how people behave, so we may never fully know what pushes celebrities to behave in an uncouth manner.

meanest TV personalities

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Fans sometimes have little to no say when it comes to how celebrities behave. There is always the feeling that these stars are full of themselves. After all, they are filthy rich and are the people who call the shots.

Meanest TV personalities you need to know

These stars are arguably loudmouthed, arrogant, and downright mean. They carry themselves with an air of self-importance, and will always feel that they own the world. Fans seem to have an opinion as to why the TV stars behave in the way they do. Check out the list below. It contains 10 of the meanest TV stars we could come up with. Let us know if you agree.

10. Natalia Kills & Willy Moon from The X Factor New Zealand (2013)

meanest TV personalities


The two have had people, Simon Cowell included, thinking that they are vicious. Many people know how mean Cowell can get, but he also felt that the couple was way too much.

The duo is a husband and wife. Looking at Natalia Kills & Willy Moon hot pics, one cannot tell that they are extremely mean. They had been installed as recent judges on New Zealand’s version of The X Factor. They gained public attention after tag-teaming contestant Joe Irvine. One may ask what Irvine's crime was. Apparently, his mistake was copying Willy Moon’s signature hair and fashion style.

Natalia Kills suffered the brunt of public hate back in 2015 when more than 70,000 fans wanted her fired in less than a day. However, Moon was behind the meanest remarks when he suggested that Irvine seemed like he would joy-kill the studio audience with his slasher-style. This mean attitude led to the couple being sacked shortly after.

9. Morton Downey, Jr. from The Morton Downey, Jr. Show (1987-89)

Morton was popular for the Zip It! phrase. He always seemed angry and opinionated, at least going by the numerous Morton Downey pics and videos that found their way online. He is known for verbally attacking strippers. Also, adding to his list of extremes is his behavior of physically attacking gay people. He once went to the extent of bringing his HIV positive brother on set - just to upset his audience.

Downey quickly rose to become the King of Trash TV, a title that was short-lived. He also appeared on Wrestlemania V, as well as Predator 2. However, when his ‘80s series ended, sponsors had slowly opted out, making his show to be pushed further into the night when no one was really watching. His was a slow and natural end.

8. Patti Stanger from The Millionaire Matchmaker (2008-15)

Patti Stanger hot pics always show her as a poised and sexy lady; one may even say charming. However, she was popularly known as The Simon Cowell of Dating. Simon is well known in music circles as a mean and matter-of-fact judge. He says it as he sees it, not caring who gets hurt in the process. The good thing is that people listen because he is good at what he does.

In the same manner, but for the dating world, Patti had made a name for herself by being the person that would bear the blunt news no one wanted to hear.

Being the matchmaker and CEO of the Millionaire’s Club, she was in a position of sifting through potential dates. However, she would not wait to let you know when she thought that you were too old, fat, or too much of a redhead. Some people still feel that she is a tad too much for the dating industry.

7. Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms (2011)

Abby calls herself batshit crazy. This is an indication that she is no-nonsense. The dance instructor can be harsh and critical, and can even get personal as she tries to motivate her dancers. Looking at Abby Lee Miller hot pics when she is doing her thing should not have you confused. She is far from being a darling.

Abby's temper and crazy tendencies helped her become the breakout star of the reality show. Fans kept coming back for more of her drama. Her anger highlights include the 2013 chair-throwing mess at Paige Hyland. This move led to one of her dancers suing her the following year. Most of Abby Lee Miller scandals are linked to her bad attitude.

Lee Miller keeps complaining about the show’s editing. Word from other dancers says that she gets even worse in real life, and the best solution would be her leaving.

6. Joe Bastianich - MasterChef (2010-) & Restaurant Startup (2014)

If you have never encountered the wrath of the MasterChef then you must count yourself lucky. His fans prefer calling him Bastardbitch, an indication of his acumen. Funny enough, none of Joe Bastianich hot pics indicate this harsh nature.

The Queens-based restaurateur had to quit the Gordon Ramsay-led series back in 2014 to work on different projects. He was the meanest chef anyone would work under. He was one who rubbed people the wrong way.

5. Judy Sheindlin - Judge Judy (1996)

Judy could easily pass as a loving judge; only she isn't. At least, most of her the sweet Judy Sheindlin hot pics portray her as such. She may be known for dispensing logic, wisdom, and solid reason for years. The rich granny makes an annual sum of $47 million just for being her good old self.

She has the right legal credentials, only that her court is not real. She arbitrates cases and pays participants for the damages caused by appearing on the show. While everyone seems to win with this arrangement, once in a while, she lets out her mean cards.

This may just be a move used to make TV look good, or she could be genuinely like that at times. The bottom line is that we get to see this side of her whenever she lets it out. Either way, her advice is always sound, and she is lovable.

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4. Bill O’Reilly - The O’Reilly Factor (1996)

Bill is best known for his argumentative and hot-hotheaded nature. He can also be a bit of a loudmouth and pot-stirring host. His show, The O’Reilly Factor, is one you want to watch out for.

He has been described as a raging jerk-nugget while on-screen. What's different about him is that he appears to be real even when he is stepping out of line. In 2004, Bill was threatened by a female producer of his show after he drunkenly called her and described his different masturbatory fantasies with her. This went on to become one of the most heated Bill O’Reilly scandals of all time.

In a counter-suit, the host sued for the lady for extortion. He had also portrayed bitter tendencies when he tried to have his ex-wife excommunicated from the Catholic Church. This resulted in her being formally reprimanded after she took holly communion as a divorcee. Clearly, he is one of the bitter individuals alive, both on and off camera.

3. Simon Cowell

Unless you know Simon Cowell too well, you may be tempted to think of him as a cool and admirable guy. Looking at Simon Cowell hot pics, especially his charming and subtle smile, one may be tempted to conclude that he is darling.

It is only after encountering him at his worst that you may rethink this notion. He has worked his way up from mailroom at EMI Records to becoming an A&R scout, and eventually a music mogul.

He first got major attention when he became a judge on American Idol. He has since been known for his cuttings, all of which have earned him the nickname, Judge Dread. Even though he has become the template for mean-ass talent judges, he is still pretty good at what he does, and many people take him seriously. He has been behind several brilliant careers being born, despite crushing many other budding would-be stars.

2. Gordon Ramsay

Just how mean is Gordon Ramsay? Well, the fact that he went through cosmetic surgery in a bid to improve his likability on TV is revealing. Off-screen, Ramsay has been accused of serving frozen meals in a couple of his restaurants. Mean, right?

In 2005, he lied and went on to serve ham to a vegetarian. If you think these instances were bad, then he has been said to be worse on camera. In 2004, when taping Hell’s Kitchen, he pushed a contestant, causing him to sprain his ankle. In 2007, he was recorded verbally fat-shaming an overweight chef.

Even so, British fans still believe that Ramsay's epic showdown with former MP Edwina Currie is his nastiest to date.

1. Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter hot pics can fool even the most brilliant minds. She laughs so heartily and smiles adoringly that you cannot suspect the cynicism that she portrays. Ann believes that she is honest, but it seems as though she is out of control. She once made a suggestion that Jews needed to convert. She went ahead to say that Muslims should also travel by camel as opposed to using airplanes.

Shockingly, Coulter is semi-opposed to female voting. She is also against gay marriage and is outspoken about it, citing that there can be no constitutional right to sodomy. She constantly uses curse words such as “retard” and “faggot.” The conclusion is that she is just not a nice person, and sadly, she does not care what anyone else thinks.

The list above describes some of the meanest TV personalities of all time. These individuals do not care about how they treat others. Their cutting remarks never seem to bother them. They are proof that the media has all sorts of characters.