Everyone loves to be the center of attention in one way or another. Have you heard of some of the craziest things celebrities did just to grab the attention of others? Well, it is human nature to want everything to revolve around you. Knowing how to contain this urge is what makes most people operate sanely.

craziest things celebrities

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Maintaining a stardom status can be one of the most difficult things to do, especially in Hollywood. Fame and popularity can be gained and lost in a matter of hours. The brutal nature of the business has different celebrities going out of their way, sometimes doing the craziest things just to have people talking about them. Unfortunately, the method used could be wrong, but the celebrities believe that the end justifies the means.

Crazy for attention - 10 celebrities who did the extreme to be noticed

Celebrities have been known to do some outrageous things for a chance to make news headlines for weeks. The most common display of this is scanty and crazy fashion choices. This is common among musicians and social media personalities.

A few names come to mind when thinking about the extremes, including Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Kim Kardashian, just to mention a few. On the other hand, others like rapper Azealia Banks, have become the talk of the town due to their love for cyber arguments. The following 10 celebrities are among those that we believe did the craziest things to capture public attention.

10. Joaquin Phoenix

Some stars comfortably tell a lie just to get what they want. Such was the case with Joaquin Phoenix in 2008. He shocked Hollywood when he announced his change from acting to rapping. Appearing on the Late Show with David Letterman a few months later, people were convinced that he was insane when he showed up behaving unusually and seeming unkempt.

Later, the truth was revealed that he was just making an appearance to promote his upcoming mockumentary, I’m Still Here. He went on to apologize for it, but still lied to Letterman yet again in 2014 when he made up a story about his engagement to a yoga teacher. The two lies may have attracted a bit of backlash from the audience, but Phoenix's acting career thrived, proving that he got the last laugh.

9. Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf has always behaved bizarrely, leading to numerous attention-grabbing headlines about him. He has been known to volunteer as a meme. He also watched all his movies with fans in a non-stop marathon. What seemed off was when he applauded a song that portrayed him as a vicious cannibal.

However, his most infamous stunt happened on the red carpet. It was during the Berlin premiere of Nymphomaniac, when he wore a paper bag with eye-holes over his head reading, “I’m not famous anymore.” This strange fashion choice may have been a strategy of getting people distracted from one of Shia LaBeouf scandals, that is, plagiarism.

Some people believe that it could have been one of his weird stunts for publicity. No matter what his intentions were, he had many people talking after the incident.

8. DJ Khaled

Fans get excited when celebrities get married. This seemed to be something that DJ Khaled knew too well when he chose to ask Nicki Minaj's hand in marriage on MTV back in 2013. While he would have had many fooled after his heartfelt confession of love that was accompanied by a stunning ten-carat ring, there were still doubts about his intention.

It did not take long before the truth was revealed. The two stars, Minaj and Khaled, both admitted that they pulled the publicity stunt to promote an upcoming album. Minaj had said she was not aware of it. However, she may be one of the celebrities known for stretching the truth about her personal life a bit too much.

7. Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham, a reality TV star, first denied having any sex tape out there when the rumors first emerged. She drastically changed her story when adult film performer, James Deen, made a confirmation of his involvement in one of the scenes that featured the star.

Abraham mentioned that the tape was meant to be for her personal use. She later sold it to an adult film company, Vivid Entertainment, at approximately one million dollars. In just under one day, the video had racked up millions of views.

Even though the tape was very popular, Abraham was at the receiving end after lying. The video's origin remained a mystery, but most people suspected that Farrah released it to gain public attention. This was one of Farrah Abraham scandals that made people talk about her.

6. Meg & Jack White

For more than ten years, Meg and Jack White were praised for being the Grammy award-winning rock duo “The White Stripes.” While their music was real, it turned out that the said familial connection was untrue. Most fans were fooled by the beautiful Meg and Jack White pics that portrayed them as siblings, only to discover that it was all a ruse.

Previously, Jack had described that his urge to form the band started after hearing his sister, Meg, playing drums. It turns out that the two are not even related. The truth is that they got married at one point, and divorced when playing in the band.

The band got disbanded after it was discovered that the two lived a lie. In 2005, Jack admitted that the sibling angle was used to make things interesting and that it was up to the fans to decide what was right.

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5. Garth Brooks

It doesn't bother fans that their favorite music stars create alter egos. Good examples would be Beyoncé's Sasha Fierce, Eminem's Slim Shady, and even country star Garth Brook's soul patch-wearing Chris Gaines.

In 1999, Brooks cut down his weight and changed his hair color to match his alter ego. He then released an album and performed as Chris Gaines on SNL. He also played the character of Chris Gaines in a Behind the Music special.

Sadly though, the album did not perform as anticipated as the sales were too low. He did not stir enough interest from his fans.

4. Ashanti

If your PR stunt does not get people talking, you may be doing it wrong. In 2008, Ashanti released a murder-themed music video for her new single, The Way That I Love You. As a means of promoting the video, the label created the Gotcha-gram website.

When users submitted their personal information, an email would be sent that said the user’s life was in imminent danger. An email link would then take them to a news report where their name was written in blood at a crime scene.

The stunt received immediate backlash for its grim content. After people protested against Ashanti, the label ended the bloody campaign. Although this became one of the fiercest Ashanti scandals, the label managed to capture fans' attention and promote her music.

3. Brian Williams

A few months after the Iraq War began, Brian Williams traveled to cover the conflict for the NBC news. One time, during a difficult field day, a helicopter got hit with a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG). At first, this was what Williams told people, but he later exaggerated, saying that he was in a helicopter that was struck by the RPG.

His reputation came under fire once the lie got exposed. The NBC suspended him, keeping him away from the lucrative NBC Nightly News position. He apologized and took a step back from the spotlight before continuing joining MSNBC as a reporter. It is not clear if he will ever gain back the trust he lost.

2. Steve Rannazzisi

craziest things celebrities

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The September 11th attack is one of the events in history that changed numerous lives. For more than a decade, 14 years to be precise, comedian Steve Rannazzisi carried the story of him being directly affected by the fatal attack.

He claimed that he was working for Merrill Lynch on the south tower’s 54th floor when the tragedy happened. His escape was narrow, and it inspired him to chase his dreams as a comedian in Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, in 2015, it was revealed that he never worked for Merrill Lynch. It was also unearthed that he was not even in the tower at the time the attack happened. Rannazzisi went on to apologize for lying through a series of Tweets. This expose became one of the biggest Steve Rannazzisi scandals.

Even though he kept his job on the league, Buffalo’s Wild Wings’ decided to pull commercials featuring Rannazzisi. Fans had to contend with not seeing Steve Rannazzisi hot pics like before. Sometimes celebs need to be cautious because when they lie a lie too long, it could be their undoing.

1. Jussie Smollett

In 2019, the famous Empire film actor, Jussie Smollett, claimed that two men attacked him on racial grounds. He said that the men screamed racial and homophobic slurs at him, and threw a liquid on him before placing a noose around his neck.

After talking to the police and getting a lot of support from fans, rumors later emerged that he had staged the January 29th, 2019 attack. After police investigations were conducted, the alleged attackers turned out to be former Empire extras. Jussie Smollett hot pics are not the only thing about him that makes him stand out.

Evidence showed that Smollett had hired the men to pull the stunt. Smollett was charged for the whole saga of filing a false police report. He was arrested, leading Fox to announce that his character would not appear in the last two episodes of Empire season 5. His story resembles that of Morton Downey Jr. The host claimed that he was allegedly attacked by “skinheads” in 1989. He, however, did not file a police report.

The examples above show the craziest things celebrities have done for attention. You will be encouraged to know that the urge you get every once in a while is not misplaced. However, it is advisable to keep it under control, lest it gets you into trouble.