Not many celebrities have survived gun fires. In the celebrity world, money, fame, power, and gunfights are not new occurrences. Some stars have lost their lives in the process of violence. Two such stars are the legendary 2-Pac and Nipsey. While these two succumbed to gunfire wounds, some of their counterparts survived the bullet and continue to rock their fans with great music.

celebrities who have ever been shot

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Other than entertainment celebrities, there are some political personalities who have ever sustained gunshot injuries. There have been high profile shootings of the political class. This piece, however, will focus solely on entertainment celebrities.

Celebrities who have ever been shot

Not many survive the bullet as proved by the many unresolved celebrity murder cases. One such example is that of 2-Pac Shakur. However, some celebrities shot themselves, and a few cases of those who got shot accidentally exist as well. Here is a list of stars who survived gunshots.

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10. Lil Wayne

Did Lil Wayne ever get shot? The award-winning musician shot himself accidentally on the chest using a nine-millimeter gun at the age of 12. He almost lost his life due to bleeding. However, a former policeman named Robert Hoobler came to his rescue and took him to the hospital.

The former policeman was standing at the front of the apartment, where the Grammy-winner had shot himself. It is believed that the rapper would not have made it if the officer was not near.

In his 12th solo album dubbed Tha Carter V, the rapper revealed a lot of information about the incident. This was particularly in his Let It All Work Out song. The rapper dispelled all the rumors and confirmed that his shooting was an accident.

9. Trace Adkins

The artist has survived a lot in life. Despite it all, he successfully turned himself into a renowned country music artist. He worked on an oil rig, got shot, and survived a hurricane, but Trace Adkins hot pics do not show his past wounds. What has this man not been through?

Why did Trace Adkins get shot? Trace was shot in the heart and lungs by his ex-wife in 1994. Julie Curtis, his second wife, could not take his annoying drinking habit anymore. She voiced her frustration on February 21, 1994, by telling him that his behavior was pushing her to her limits. Therefore, she asked him to pack and leave.

The couple argued for a while, and Julie trained a 38 at him. As he tried to disarm her, she gunned him in the chest. The bullet cut through his lungs and both of his heart's ventricles. The doctors were apprehensive that he would not make it. They requested his family and friends to say goodbye, but they were wrong. He survived.

8. Oliver Stone

Oliver's notion of manhood, war, and combat pushed him towards joining the Vietnam war. It was here that his character was shaped, and his idea about war changed. During this period, the writer survived one gunshot and a shrapnel attack.

7. Akon

Akon is an American singer and rapper who has invited chaos in many of his albums and songs. If you are a keen follower of the artist, then you know that Akon scandals are numerous and linked to his songs.

One such song is his controversial single, Locked Up, that doubled as his ticket to fame. In 2005, the star came face to face with danger when he was gunned during a drive-by shooting incident. He was hit on the shoulder but survived after being attended to by medics. The same can not be said about his manager, Robert Montanez, who was killed in the shooting. From Akon hot pics, one cannot tell that he has survived a gun wound.

6. George Orwell

On May 20, 1937, George was gunned in the neck by a fascist sniper, during the Spanish Civil War. He explained the experience by saying,

There seemed to be a loud bang and a blinding flash of light all around me. I felt a tremendous shock - no pain, only a violent shock, such as you get from an electric terminal, with it a sense of utter weakness, a feeling of being struck, and shriveled up to nothing.

After being hit, he was taken to a field hospital where he received first aid and was given a dose of morphine before being transferred to the main hospital. His friends would visit him to express their joy for seeing him alive. They took away his gun and combat gear, fearing that they might be stolen at the hospital.

5. Andy Warhol

celebrities who have ever been shot


Andy was gunned by Valerie Solanas, a radical feminist in the year 1968. This was the same year that the artist came up with the legendary Campbell soup screen-print. Luckily, the artist survived and continued with his mission at the Pop Art Movement. However, the gunshot had an adverse effect on his body and general productivity.

The artist had to spend a lot of time in the hospital. He also has to wear a surgical corset as long as he lives. Andy Warhol hot pics are hard to come by, but his art is recognized globally.

4. Kelly Preston

In 1990, Charlie Sheen was suspected of having shot Kelly Preston in the arm. The two were lovers at the time. However, the story was spun that truth became elusive in perpetuity until recently. Who shot Kelly Preston in the arm?

In what turned out to be one of the most famous Charlie Sheen scandals, he revealed the truth about the incident while in Vancouver on his My Violent Torpedo of Truth tour. He explained that Kelly shot herself by accident while lifting his pants. Apparently, Charlie used to carry a tinny revolver in his back pocket. When Preston "lifted his pants off the scale in the bathroom, it fell out of the back jeans pocket and hit the floor and shot a bullet right between her legs."

Sheen rushed to her aid and helped stop the bleeding. Soon after, he called the police after wondering whether to dial 911 or 411.

3. Ol' Dirty Bastard

Ol’ Dirty Bastard belonged to the Wu-Tang Clan when he was hit in the back. The rapper checked himself out of St. John’s Hospital’s emergency ward against the doctor's orders, barely nine hours after being shot .

Apparently, the rapper was hit during a robbery. He was shot once with a bullet that entered his body from the back and exited via his arm. According to Lars Larmon, the hospital spokesman, the raper was lucky as the bullet did not hit any vital organs.

2. Bob Marley

On December 3, 1976, a car full of assassins drove to Tuff Gong at 56 Hope Road and opened fire on everyone within range. This was two nights before the much-hyped Smile Jamaica concert was to take place. This still goes down history as one of Bob Marley scandals of all time. The attempt on his life is one that many fans will never forget.

The political temperature in Jamaica was heightening, and people had to be careful with their choices. Bob was hit twice during the incident. His wife and manager were also wounded. Two days later, Bob Marley performed in the concert as planned. When asked about his decision to proceed as planned, he explained,

The people who are trying to make this world worse are not taking a day off. How can I?

1. 50 Cent

Does 50 Cent have the proverbial nine lives of a cat? The rapper survived a gunfight that most people would not. It is not easy to tell it by looking at 50 Cent hot pics. When was 50 shot 9 times?

In the year 2000, the American rapper was hit nine times in front of his home. His grandmother was working nearby on a yard. With all known 50 Cent scandals, this goes down as one of the most violent.

Violence was not new in his life. His mother dealt drugs. However, 50 Cent was residing with his grandmother. When he turned twelve, he decided to get into the family business and deal drugs. He was arrested while still in high school for possession of drugs. He had to come clean and inform his grandparents that he was a drug dealer.

How did 50 Cent get shot? He was seated in his friend's car when another car pulled up. The hitman pulled a 9mm handgun and aimed at the rapper. He shot him nine times in different parts of his body. It is said that 50 Cent was hit in the arm, hand, both legs, hip, left cheek, and chest. The shot in the cheek left him with a swollen tongue.

The top 10 celebrities who have ever been shot turned their bad situations into good. Even though they were left with a permanent dark mark in their lives, they managed to pull themselves up by the bootstrap to become successful in their fields of interest.