Woman Won Right To Use Sperm Harvested After Her Boyfriend Died

Woman Won Right To Use Sperm Harvested After Her Boyfriend Died

A 24-year-old woman from Queensland has won her bid to have her boyfriend's child using sperm harvested after he died.

Ayla Cresswell last year won the right to harvest Joshua Davies' sperm after he committed suicide, and on Wednesday won the right to be permitted to use them for in vitro fertilization.

In August 2016 Cresswell asked her legal representatives to file an urgent application to the court few hours after his body was found, soliciting orders for the removal of sperm, and was successful.

Cresswell's attorney Kathryn McMillan QC told the court last year that "She's thought about it, had counseling, gone through many hoops, and had many tests to see if she can conceive,"

On Wednesday, Joshua's family followed her to Brisbane's Supreme Court to learn the verdict on the IVF which took the Justice Sue Brown 9 months to consider.

In her ruling, Brown emphasized that there were “conflicting views in society” about this area of law, but that Cresswell's request was not an "irrational response to grief", and that Davies' father had helped facilitate the process from the night of his son's death.

The 24-year-old informed the court she was "sufficiently affluent" and able to have and raise a child on her own.