10 Reasons Why The Philiphines Refuse To Legalize Divorce.- RumourJuice.

10 Reasons Why The Philiphines Refuse To Legalize Divorce.- RumourJuice.

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After marriage and staying with the person for some time, any form of separation hurts deeply and this is why many religions, cultures and even countries consider matters pertaining to divorce, separation, and annulment to be very serious. Some countries regard practices involving the breaking of a union to be a taboo. The Philippines is one country that regards divorce as a taboo. It is actually the only Christian nation in Asia and majority of its citizens are therefore Christians. Today the county is yet to legalize divorce despite the Divorce Bill filed in 2005 and another re-filed in 2010.

The Divorce bill has been met with intrigue and criticism with some people actually saying that it is wishing thinking.

The country does not need divorce legalized and it is hardly making any efforts to do so. Here are ten reasons why the Philippines say they don't need the Divorce Bill passed.

1. A Partial Divorce Bill Is Already In Place

10 Reasons Why The Philiphines Refuses To Legalize Divorce.- RumourJuice.

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Technically, the Philippines aren’t exactly divorce-free. There is a Partial Divorce Bill or House Bill 5907. The Partial Divorce Bill seeks to make changes to the existing Family Code that states that, “no Filipino spouse may remarry even when they have been divorced by their foreigner spouse.” The partial divorce bill now allows any Filipino spouse divorced by a foreigner spouse to remarry without getting any judicial recognition. Still, other Divorce Bill supporters are wondering why the bill is only giving a second chance to Filipinos with foreign spouses.