The notion that arranged marriages are loveless, lack passion and are just in existing because families wanted it so is wrong. Arranged marriages can be passionate, loving and fulfilling and the couple could actually spend the rest of their lives in matrimonial bliss.

An arranged marriage could actually be the best thing that happened to the world after the end of the World War II. It can be the best idea ever in terms of forming relationships.

There are good reasons why arranged marriages work and they are as follows:-

1. Socially Compatible Couple

Reasons Why Arranged Marriages Work.- RumourJuice.

An Indian Couple.-

Often times parents end up finding a bride or a groom for their son with a similar lifestyle, upbringing, values, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. This eliminates any chances of disagreements or misunderstandings. Such similarities make a couple very compatible with one another and the marriage is bound to last until death.

2. Mutual Respect

Reasons Why Arranged Marriages Work.- RumourJuice.

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Thanks to parental prestige and pride, most couples in arranged marriages behave in a respectable and responsible way towards one another. They will hardly conduct themselves in a way that will jeopardize family relations. The chances of both partners working towards making the marriage work are high because they both understand and respect the relationship that family members have worked so hard to bring to fruition.

3. Strong Family Support

Reasons Why Arranged Marriages Work.- RumourJuice.

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Arranged marriages automatically receive unending support from the couple’s respective families. They get that extra love, attention, care and more understanding from both families. Both families go to that extra mile to make the new member of the family feel comfortable and welcomed in her new home.

4. A Higher Level Of Adjustment

A higher level of understanding and adjusting abilities will existing courtesy of family support. Making ends meet and filling any loopholes becomes easy. The couple is able to easily adjust to married life and in time the relationship becomes more stable. With all the people who matter in life happy with the union, the couple becomes more at ease when it comes to handling the day to day things and even when the baby comes it becomes easy because the families are there to offer their help and support.

5. A Strong Sense Of Commitment

Reasons Why Arranged Marriages Work.- RumourJuice.

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The “love at first sight” aspect isn’t there but there is more mutual trust and understanding which make an important foundation in marriage. Commitments are what bring two people together and love grows every day as the couple discovers great things about each other as time goes. Commitment here is the best advantage for a couple in an arranged marriage.

Arranged marriages have worked. At first, there might not be that spark and hot embers flying as common with the other love relationships that happen by chance but with time it grows. When the couple works together to make the marriage blissful, the result is usually something beautiful and love that last forever.