The Best Electric Cars Of 2018

The Best Electric Cars Of 2018


Ten years ago, the idea of driving an electric car appeared inconceivable to a lot of Americans, but these vehicles with plugs are surely here to stay.

Technological advancements, stricter emissions standards, and changes in consumer tastes are pushing electric cars further into the mainstream, and while they are still not close to replacing their gas-powered cousins, their ever-increasing ranges and penchant for swift acceleration make them a far much better option than they once were.

Here are the best electric cars on the market right now.

1. Tesla Model 3

The Best Electric Cars Of 2018

Tesla Model 3

The best

Why it's worth buying: It is just the best electric vehicle on the market.

Who is it for? Those willing to expand their horizons and experience the future of transportation — today.

The price: $35,000

Why we picked the Tesla Model 3:

Modestly stylish on the exterior, luxurious on the interior, surprisingly fun to drive, and having the most available range (310 miles with the long-range battery) of any electric car costing less than $40,000, the Tesla Model 3 checks all the appropriate boxes.

The Model 3 really impresses is its innovative comfort and safety features (including the industry’s best semiautonomous driving aids) and future-proofed technology.