Top 8 Popular Shopping Areas In London:- RumourJuice.

Top 8 Popular Shopping Areas In London:- RumourJuice.


London is an amazing travel destination which offers a lot more than just sight-seeing. It also offers a great shopping experience thanks to its shopping streets, retail districts, specialty stores and many other shopping platforms that many shopaholics will definitely love.

There are shopping areas in London that are considered shoppers haven. Before you go to London make sure you have with you enough space to fit in your shopping bags because like it or not when you set foot in these areas you will be going on a shopping spree.

The shopping opportunity is just too tempting to resist. Here are the 8 shopping areas in London for London first-timers, repeat visitors or even native Londoners who want to indulge in a shopping spree.

1. Oxford Street

Top 8 Popular Shopping Areas In London:- RumourJuice.


This is one of those streets in London where there is always activity. The activity is mainly because of the diverse options of shopping that this street offers. It is actually known as the heart of the city's shopping and boasts more than 300 shops, outlets, stores and various choices from both British and Internationally renowned designers. A common favorite is Seldridges where the shopper has the option to buy furniture,food and fashion. The shopper will also be mesmerized with the window display which are lets say a little bizarre and more interesting sometimes. Weekends are the busiest days on this street so if you are the kind of person that prefers quiet shopping, then just visit during the weekday mornings. It is one place that every shopping enthusiast must visit.