Five Wrong Arguments Against Immigration:-RumourJuice.

Five Wrong Arguments Against Immigration:-RumourJuice.


The issue of immigration has had the world reeling from the crazy statements made by some world leaders and the sensible ones made by others. The leaders from countries that are strongly against immigration speak the same language they put out arguments against immigration out there that are very wrong. Further outlined are the common and strongest arguments against immigrants and why thy are totally wrong.

1. They are Taking Our Jobs and Lowering Wages

Five Wrong Arguments Against Immigration:-RumourJuice.


President Donald Trump has said that illegals, who are mostly low-skilled, "compete directly against vulnerable American workers" and that reducing legal immigration would "boost wages and ensure open jobs are offered to American workers first."

But as the president himself likes to point out, unemployment across virtually all categories of workers is at or near historic lows, so displacing native-born workers isn't much of an issue. Virtually all economists, regardless of ideology, agree that immigrants, both legal and illegal, have little to no effect on overall wages. The most-vulnerable workers in America are high-school dropouts and economists say that low-skill immigrants from Mexico reduce that group's wages by less than 5 percent—or that they increase drop out wages by almost 1 percent. But it's also true low-skilled immigrants make things cheaper for all Americans by doing jobs such as picking fruit or cleanup on construction sites. More important, immigrants grow the population, which stimulates economic growth, the only way over the long term to improve standards of living.