The world cup in Russia has had its fair share of drama and emotional turmoil seen from both the fans and players. We can indeed say that it is indeed an epic World Cup. It is mainly about great football but as the game continues the world could not help but notice all the sideshows that happened. Some of the events have been truly hilarious while others have angered fans resulting to a tirade of online trolling and hating of the perpetrators of the events. Some of those events during the world cup that were hilarious and will be remembered for a long time are as follows:-

1. Diego Maradona Loses It

The World Cup's Most Hilarious Moments.- RumourJuice.

Maradona celebrating Argentina's score in the world cup

The World Cup has been an emotional rollercoaster for just about every football fan and nobody typifies the chaotic nature of this year’s tournament more than the legend Diego Maradona. Maradona caused quite the drama against South Korea and was forced to apologize to their fans for a certain offensive gesture which the cameras caught.

However, it was his conduct against Nigeria that really had fans talking. First Lionel Messi scored an opener and the 57-year old legendary player seems to be having an out of this world experience because of the joy he was feeling. Then came the big blow when Nigeria equalized. However, Marcos Rojo scored for the Argentinean side and Maradona totally lost it again by flipping off the opposition fans in a very aggressive way as a result of his being overwhelmed by the experience. He went as far as requiring medical treatment which goes to show just how personal Maradona takes football. Absolute madness!

2. Sergio Ramos Cries and Cries

The World Cup's Most Hilarious Moments.- RumourJuice.

Sergio Ramos

There is no doubt that Liverpool fans were enjoying this. This Real Madrid was chastised for the role that he played in Mohamed Salah’s injury and he obviously took great pleasure in the Egyptian’s unfortunate experience. Ramos is notorious for bruising any player who crosses his path and has garnered quite a number of dislikes both in and out of the field. Therefore when the whole world saw him crying floods when Spain was eliminated on penalties by Russia, it was a sweet moment for all who he had offended.

3. Neymar Gets Torn To Shreds Online

The World Cup's Most Hilarious Moments.- RumourJuice.

Neymar 2018 world

The talented Brazilian player has been known for his tumbles during this world cup and fans have been unforgiving especially on online platforms. He was accused of his exaggerations of being fouled and seeking penalties by all means. Memes, hashtags, and his photos have trended online making him infamous and their being eliminated hasn't helped matters with reports saying that fans gave them a hostile reception back home.

4. The Incredible Celebration Of Michy Batshuayi

The World Cup's Most Hilarious Moments.- RumourJuice.

Michy Batshuayi's celebration:-

After the great lengths that coach Roberto Martinez went to drill into his players that they should avoid an injury in an effort to preserve the full squad for the games that followed, turned out there was one less sharp toolbox in the shed known as Michy Batshuayi. The striker almost knocked himself out during his celebration of Adanan Januzaj’s goal strike.

5. The Famous Throw-in By Muhammadi

The World Cup's Most Hilarious Moments.- RumourJuice.

Muhammadi famous throw

Iran only had seconds to play against Spain and was handed a throw-in and needed something special. Milad Mohammadi will always regret not having enough forward momentum to hurl the ball into the box and instead opted to throw it short to a teammate and that is how the team lost. He will remember that mistake for the rest of his life and so will many fans judging by the online shredding he has received.

The world cup is still ongoing and we expect more drama in the coming days.