11 Things That Only Australians Get But The Rest Of Us Don't.-RumourJuice.

11 Things That Only Australians Get But The Rest Of Us Don't.-RumourJuice.

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Do not be surprised if you find yourself wondering the beautiful streets of "the lucky country" a little confused. Many have found themselves in that state because they look around and have so many questions from the things they see. Questions such as why is everyone drunk at midday and on a Sunday, why does the coffee not taste like water and why aren't people wearing shoes?

For the Aussies all that is a normal life in the Down Under.However, so that you don't go asking questions the next time you see something strange when you are in Aussie territory, here are a few things about Australians that only they understand but the rest of us can't just figure out why they do them.

1. Shoes are the devil

11 Things That Only Australians Get ButThe Rest Of Us Don't.-RumourJuice.

barefoot Aussie women.-sncmedia.ru

Why are shoes the devil you may wonder, it is because it's too hot, that's why. Wearing socks and shoes is actually an ordeal that many Australians would rather pass. That is why you will see many of them wearing flip flops whenever they can and those really brave ones will just walk around the streets barefoot. Try walking barefoot in London or New York and you will get these weird sideways looks and someone might even call an emergency number if you show them the slightest sign of being unwell. So hating shoes is just one of those things that can be called Australian.