10 Reasons Why Android Is Still More Highly-Favored Than iOS.-RumourJuice.

10 Reasons Why Android Is Still More Highly-Favored Than iOS.-RumourJuice.

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Since its debut in the market the Android has experienced great years with a more than 80% market share. Even with competitors waiting and trying their best to outsmart the Android and take over a sizable percentage of the market share it still remains popular and still rules the market. Compared to its main competitor the iOS the Android has more loyal fans and here are good reasons why.

1. Android Devices Galore

10 Reasons Why Android Is Still Highly-Favored Than iOS.-RumourJuice.

Phones galore.-pocket-lint.com

The Android platform offers something for everyone. The sheer variety of Android smartphones from manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Motorola, LG, Huawei, ZTE, and others is impressive. Using the android system the manufactures have created all manner of features from clear selfie cameras to large touchscreens just to give the user a great smartphone experience. There are also features you just can’t get with Apple’s devices, like microSD and removable battery. Yes, some Android manufacturers have moved away from offering these extras, but the nice thing about options is there are manufacturers that haven’t too.

It’s the same story over in the tablet market, with all sorts of different devices, from the Pixel C to the Nexus 9, Xiaomi’s tablets, Honor’s tablets, Samsung Note tablets, and the list goes on.

Attracting a huge range of manufacturers and giving them license to unleash their best creations has resulted in the widest variety of devices on any platform, even blurring the line between smartphone and tablet. Compared to the limited iPhone and iPad lineup, Android represents choice of mobile devices on a grand scale.

Of course Apple has a few sizes to offer, but size is really the only difference there. The iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, for example, have pretty much the same specs, the main difference being screen size and resolution. The same general argument applies to the iPads, even though there are more choices than with their smartphone counterparts.

With such diversification when it comes to devices, there is little surprise that the Android still rules the market.