10 Absolutely Cool Self-Driving Cars.-RumourJuice.

10 Absolutely Cool Self-Driving Cars.-RumourJuice.

By  rumourjuice.com

The thought of driving a car with hands not holding the steering wheel had many people appalled back in the days when car manufacturers hadn’t yet developed such technology. However, in recent years car manufacturers have actually turned this “appalling” idea into a reality in an era where most things that were considered science fiction become a reality. In this case, car manufacturers have outdone themselves and created the coolest self-driving cars. There is actually a competition on who would produce the best self-driving cars on the market.

Here is a list of the top ten best self-driving cars that have enthralled car enthusiasts around the globe.

1. Tesla Model S P90D with Autopilot Features

10 Absolutely Cool Self-Driving Cars.-RumourJuice.

Tesla Model S P90D.- inhabitat.com

This is a vehicle is American made and was first introduced to the market back in 2016. It is a car that can do self-steering down the lanes, change lanes and adjust its speed not to mention do parallel parking by just pressing a button. It goes for an impressive price of $130,000.