Top Facts About Feminism.-RumourJuice.

Top Facts About Feminism.-RumourJuice.


Back in the day women have endured and survived sexist laws but times came where they said enough is enough to the discrimination hence the rise and rise of feminism. To achieve equality and fair laws the movement’s activities have been rough, relentless, serious, provocative, lively and most important, empowering.

Further outlined below are some important facts about feminism that are quite eye-opening for those who don’t fully understand this movement.

1. You Don’t Have To Be A Woman To Be Feminist

Top Facts About Feminism That You Didn't Know.-RumourJuice.

Man feminist.-

Men can be supportive of feminism because it is not all about women, it is also in favor of standing up for men too. For example, feminism is against statements such as, “boys don’t cry”, “The man should pay on the first date,” “a stay-at-home dad is embarrassing,” “boys should do activities that are considered “feminine”. The sexism in these statements limits men from having more choices. The goal of feminism isn’t just making women equal to men but vice-versa as well. The traditional gender roles harm men too because men can cry, do the housework, wear make-up and they can, of course, become feminists.

Therefore anyone thinking that feminism is just all about women and their need to become equal to men is no doubt misled. Both men and women can join feminism to achieve this common good.

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