Top Takeaways From Trump-Putin Meeting.-RumourJuice.

Top Takeaways From Trump-Putin Meeting.-RumourJuice.


The Trump-Putin summit had a lot of drama unfolding. Most events from Putin’s hour late arrival power-play to Trump’s bragging about his brilliant campaign was expected. However at the end of it all there was a lot of shock for everyone who was viewing the event thanks to Donald’s great distrust of his own intelligence and law-enforcement establishment and the good words spoken towards Putin. Donald Trump was clearly siding with the enemy over his own intelligence agency something that no US president has ever done. It was no doubt the most baffling and unusual presidential press conferences in the history of the U.S.

There are some main things that we got from this event because they were the main highlight and they are as follows:

1. Trump trashed U.S. intelligence and law enforcement while standing beside Russia’s leader. Simply Unheard of!

Top Takeaways From Trump-Putin Meeting.-RumourJuice.

Trump and Putin shaking

Nothing like this has ever happened. This was the shocker of the day, something quite unexpected from a U.S. president. When asked point-blank whether he believed his own intelligence community or Putin about the election hacking, Trump replied: “I have real confidence in my intelligence people, but I must tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial.” He then went on to make clear, at some length, that he did not trust the conclusions of U.S. intelligence or law enforcement, raising a series of red-herring questions popular on the right about servers and — of course! — Hillary Clinton’s emails.

Expressions of shock and disbelief trickled out slowly from serving officials watching the speech, and former CIA director John Brennan accused Trump of treason. This matters in a global sense because it gives governments and other actors everywhere license, when presented with a U.S. indictment, legal judgment, or request for cooperation, to dismiss it with an airy “fake news.” It specifically communicates to Putin that he needn’t worry about the U.S. Executive branch gearing up new sanctions or intelligence responses to the indictments. And it is a devastating repudiation of the commitment of tens of thousands of Americans who work for these parts of the government. Will there be any blowback from that in our domestic politics? We may yet see a string of resignations from career officials. But in the hours after the summit, elected Republicans were missing in action when it came to defending the law-enforcement professionals whose support they love to tout.

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