Top Embarrassing Trump Presidency Moments.-RumourJuice.

Top Embarrassing Trump Presidency Moments.-RumourJuice.


Whether you are a Republican or Democrat or that you are not an American citizen, one thing is clear, the Trump presidency is like no other US presidency. He is clearly no politician and sometimes lacks the tact associated with the job.

Due to this some very embarrassing moments for the billionaire and television personality have ensued. Here are some remarkable embarrassing moments for the U.S. president.

1. Hand “Shaking”

Top Embarrassing Trump Presidency Moments.-RumourJuice.


President Trump is known for his firm handshakes and he probably tries to get a feel of the person from it from the countless times we have seen of this. However, there was one handshake which was more of a "handsqueeze" that he had with the French President Emmanuel Macron.

Macron, a moderate politician by — European standards — ran as a sort of “anti-Trump” campaign earlier this year. He wasn’t far left or far right.Instead, he positioned himself as the status quo candidate during the onslaught of right-wing nationalist views that have emboldened many. This wave led to several European countries to rethink their status within the European Union.

Because of that, many thought Macron didn’t stand a chance. So, it was sort of surprising when he won, besting Marine Le Pen, a far right candidate that Trump liked but didn’t outright endorse. So, when it came time for these two to meet, you knew it was going to be awkward. But, no one expected it to be THAT awkward.

It was just another strange interaction for President Trump on the international scene. Also, Macron said the handshake “wasn’t innocent”, so Trump might have ruined any chance for a mutually beneficial relationship with one of America’s oldest allies.

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